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At Villa Antonia with Lily & Andrew

Let me introduce you to one of the most amazing secrets hiding in the Texas hill country just Northwest of downtown Austin. The place I’m referring to is called Villa Antonia. If someone were to blindfolded me, take me on a plane for over 12 hours and somehow land back right here in Texas, drove me out 30 minutes to this treasure of a place & take my blindfold off and ask me where I think we are in the world, I would think it to be the hillsides of Spain. Sun rays draping across miles and miles of tree-covered countryside as far as the eye can see. Breathtaking is the word I would use to describe this venue, Villa Antonia. What a marvelous location for a love story to unfold if I do say so myself. Lily & Andrew were destined to be together and at one point, thousands of miles and separated the two from meeting again- but we all know fate has this way of sneaking in to our lives when we least expect it. This, my friends, is the story of Lily & Andrew.

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Q: Lily, How did you meet Andrew?

Andrew and I met initially through mutual friends at UT Austin at a Japanese Association event as we both loved and were learning Japanese. We lived our own lives for a while, graduated college, and both moved to Japan at different times. We again met during our time in Japan through mutual friends, however it wasn't until I moved back to Austin where he and I started to talk via messenger. That's when we spent a few months talking to each other nonstop and when he visited Austin for Christmas break from Japan, we met up for a third time and fireworks flew on New Years Eve night. Since then it was long distance for about 8 months before he packed his stuff up and moved back home to Texas to be together.

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Q: Andrew, How did you propose to lily?

I had everything planned out for a picture perfect proposal under the cherry blossoms in a park in Tokyo, with her friends (who were also visiting Japan separately) to pop out at the end of it as a surprise! However, the weather was terrible, it was too cold for cherry blossoms, the day I planned for had a 100% chance of rain. So I scrapped that plan a day early, sent frantic text messages to all her friends, changed the location of the proposal twice as I was running around looking for a good last minute spot, and finally settled on a nice forest walk on the way to a Japanese shrine, under the guise of "taking a walk together with my friend I wanted her to meet". In the end, everything worked out great, I pulled her off the main road to a cute, secluded forest path, her friends hiding in plain sight (Lily had no idea), proposed, and her friends popped out with perfect timing. It was definitely an experience to remember.

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Lily & Andrew,

It was an honor being your wedding photographer. I hope your marriage grows throughout the years in to something even more amazing from this day forward. I pray you lean on each other in hard times and share in laughter with one another in the good times. I pray that god will bless you both with health and many years together and enjoying each other’s company. It is such a blessing to be able to work with such amazing couples such as yourselves.

With Love,


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Floral design: Currents Decor & Design • Venue: Villa Antonio • bride’s dress: BHLDN (BHLDN Houston) • Bridesmaids dresses: Azazie • Bride’s shoes: Besty Johnson - Bridal Line (Adley) • Cake: Kacey’s Cakes • Catering: Rosemary’s Catering • DJ: DJ Bryne Rock • Groom’s suit and groomsmens’ suits: HOLA HongKong • Beauty: Foundry Salon • Bride’s Perfume: Mimosa by Commodity • Photographer: Lyndsay Lyon PhotographyRentals: Olive & Bell

Bride Swipes Mr. Right!

At Rustic Ranch in Wimberly, TX with Dylan + Ashley

In regards to the dating scene in the world right now, can I just be the first one to call out the elephant in the room? Finding true love these days seems to be awfully difficult & dating through an app often seems like a bit disconnected and impersonal, but also tends to be one of the only ways people like to initially connect in today’s busy world. I mean, let’s face it - a rather intimidating number of people on the internet don’t ever end up together forever, or even for more than a date or two. Online dating is notorious these days for terms like ‘catfishing’, ‘ghosting’ ‘sliding into the DM’ & even ‘submarining’ (I promise, they are all ‘a thing’, look them up!) With the app called Tinder, over 40 million people are trying to find love and It’s a popular culture that is now the norm in the dating arena. With the amount of people using the app, you’d think the success rate would be a bit higher for ‘matches’ ending up together, but often times, individuals will create a profile knowing full well they aren’t emotionally available for a relationship & are just looking to meet new attractive people. Let’s face it, Tinder has a bad wrap and is often known more for finding heartbreak than it is for finding your forever.

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However, I am here to genuinely restore your faith in humanity and especially for everyone out there who needs to have their faith restored in the modern way of dating, through an app, that has become so prevalent. The universal desire that most people deep down are longing for - to find someone to spend their life with - it still exists. Right here, ladies and gentleman, I bring you a remarkable story of Ashley & Dylan. Anyone that knows these two knows the love they share and it is evident whenever they walk in to the room.

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Their story all started by swiping right. Both Dylan & Ashley had Tinder profiles to possibly find a date with someone they would be interested in & after not having any luck, they were both about go delete the app. Just before ditching the app, they both stumbled on each other’s profiles & swiped RIGHT.

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They talked briefly on the app and Ashley messaged Dylan back one last time & told him she would be deleting the app & if he wanted to talk to her, he could text her and go from there. Well, Dylan also deleted the app & because he thought she was absolutely stunning, he pursued her request to text her instead. Their first date was actually to a bonfire with Dylan’s friends & they hit it off flawlessly. As time went on, there were several more dates they enjoyed together and before they knew it, they were committed to each other and truly in love.

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After hundreds of dates and two and a half years later, Dylan just knew Ashley was going to be his wife. Dylan saved up and bought a ring and actually ended up proposing on their second year of being official & even had Ashley’s mom hold the ring for him for three months so she wouldn’t find out. His plan to propose he wanted to be a surprise & that is exactly what it was! Ashley & Dylan went on a family vacation with Ashley’s family & in front of everyone (including Dylan’s mother via FaceTime), he got down on one knee & asked Ashley to be his wife. She was thrilled he had asked & immediately said YES! Looking back on that day, when Ashley swiped right, little did they know, she was really swiping Mr. RIGHT!

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When Ashley and I met at the Bridal Extravaganza last Summer, we talked for quite a while. We hit it off immediately as she told me the details of what she had in mind for her and Dylan’s wedding. She explained the venue was Kevin Fowler's venue in the beautiful Texas hill country & she was overjoyed to tell me each detail. I loved talking with her that day & I just knew we would be a good fit. They rocked their Engagement Session & it was such a pleasure to get to know these two!

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Ashley & Dylan,

It was such a blessing being your wedding photographer! I really enjoyed our time together & your wedding was absolutely perfect! For the record, Ashley, you looked gorgeous in your wedding dress & I hope you both had the most amazing day. I’m so in awe of how you two met & it really gives me faith in the modern dating world. I truly consider you both as a blessing in my life & I hope you can enjoy your photographs that captured your big day for generations to come! If you two ever get in to an argument, just look back & remember this day and how much love you share together. Remember to brush off the small stuff & choose to love on days when it’s hard. I believe the Lord will bless you two in your years to come! Don’t be strangers & be sure to keep in touch!

With Love,


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He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.
— Proverbs 18:22

Special thanks to the following vendors who made this day possible:

Venue: Rustic Ranch

Photographer: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

Flowers, Catering & Decor: Dream Events

Hair & Make-Up: Adore Makeup Boutique & Salon

Cake: Classic Cakes By Lori

DJ: Toast Entertainment

Rentals: Amelia's Weddings

Bride's Dress Brand: Morilee

Bridal Salon: Debi’s Bridal Salon

Bride's Wedding Boots: Corral (Style:Martina White)

Bride's Perfume name & brand: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Bridesmaids' Dress brand: Lulu’s

Groom & Groomsmen Suit Brand: Men's Wearhouse

Bride’s Ring: Stone Creek Jeweler

Groom’s Ring: Staghead Designs

Groom’s Belt: Slades Saddle Shop

Sunny Rays

At Texas Old Town in Kyle, TX with Ryan + Monica

Monica & Ryan - 1.jpg

I'm not quite sure where I picked this up along my path, but one of my favorite quotes is this:

If two hearts are meant to be Together,
no matter how long it takes, how far they go, how tough
it seems, fate will bring them Together to share their love forever.
Monica & Ryan - 4.jpg
Monica & Ryan - 21.jpg

Meet Monica and Ryan y'all! I am still so blown away by their crazy twist of fate. The very first time they 'met' was actually in Pre-School! Yes, this couple technically met when they were only 4 years old and now they are husband and wife! Well, soon after they met all those years ago, Ryan's family ended up moving away to a different state entirely and a crazy twist of fate many years later would bring the two again together. There is something so special about how and when love decides to introduce itself and its timing is always perfect. I fully believe in the power that brings two people together and their story is too good not to share.

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All those years later, Monica explains a bit more about the first time she actually remembers meeting the man that would later become her husband:

Of course, neither of us remember meeting each other at that age. What we do remember? Ryan was visiting Austin one weekend with a friend while taking classes that summer in Beaumont. Monica was taking summer classes at UT and was only really expecting her friend Kristin to stay for the weekend. After hopping in the backseat of Kristin’s car to grab dinner, behold! There was Ryan Jones. The rest is history.
— Monica
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Monica handed me her details to photograph as soon as I arrived to the venue and included in these items were two vintage printed photographs and a beautiful intricate golden cross necklace. Monica and her mother began to explain how special this cross necklace was to their family. Monica explained the necklace belonging to her great great great grandmother, Johannah Otto. It was a cross she had received while converting from being a Mennonite to Catholicism so she could marry her great great great Grandfather.  The precious piece had since been passed down to Monica after all those years and she explained the two photographs were of her great great great Grandmother, Johannah and her grandfather, abuelito Manuel. The legacy this necklace holds is irreplaceable in Monica's family & it was such an honor to be able to capture this piece of history for such a sweet bride. She tied the necklace to her bouquet of flowers as a reminder of her heritage and the legacy of love that has been passed down throughout her family line.  

Monica & Ryan - 14.jpg
Monica & Ryan - 22.jpg
Monica & Ryan - 23.jpg

As they spent their time getting to know each other, they slowly began to fall in love and 6 years later, Ryan knew Monica was meant to be his wife.  He decided it was time to propose. The proposal in Monica's words:

With a pick-your-own-adventure style of planning, he spent the day doing whatever I wanted to do. Since I was on-call and the phone could ring at any second (thank goodness it didn’t!) we stayed in, he brought me flowers, got pupusas from a hole-in-the-wall nearby, and played some board games. After demolishing Ryan Jones in the board game and coming out victorious, he gave me a card. It was adorable and sweet. I loved it. Predictably, the first thing I did was go to put it on the refrigerator. When I turned around he was waiting for me on one knee.
— Monica

Okay, Ryan, you have the moves! A day to do whatever she wanted? Talk about a girl's dream! Oh, and I'm sorry for your loss due to Monica's amazing board game skills.  

Monica & Ryan - 2.jpg
Monica & Ryan - 15.jpg
Monica & Ryan - 5.jpg

Let me tell you, If you are lucky enough to know this sweet couple, consider yourself blessed. When you are around the two, you immediately understand the love they have for one another and how magnetic their connection truly is. During their Engagement Session at McKinney Falls last year, I noticed how calm Ryan was with Monica as she was walking (very bravely) in her high wedges. He offered a hand to pick her up from sitting down and also offered his shoulder for her to grab on to as she took her shoes off and back on, all with a smile. Monica was overflowing with joy on their wedding day and she explained how excited she was to marry Ryan.

Monica & Ryan - 24.jpg
Monica & Ryan - 9.jpg

Like I've said before, I am by no means a marriage expert, but I do know this: bringing both patience and joy in to a marriage will greatly help during some of life's challenges and even on the most mundane of days. These two have a way of making each other smile just with one look and this alone is evidence of their genuine love for one another.  

Monica & Ryan - 10.jpg
Monica & Ryan - 8.jpg

Monica & Ryan, 

 It was such a blessing being able to photograph your big day! The love you share between each other is one of a kind and I truly wish you each the best future together. Remember the patience and joy you have for one another. I hope that when you look back at all your photographs from your wedding, you immediately think of the genuine bond you have between the two of you. Fate has truly dealt you each cards that made you not only meet back up all those years later after going to Pre-School together as children, but also as combining your two paths together as one forever. Remember always - you are stronger unified as one. May you always remember how you felt on your wedding day and treat each other as a priority. It was such an honor to be able to witness and capture the amazing commitment you made to one another and I sincerely hope you stay adventurous together as you enjoy this new journey in your lives together!  

With Love,


Monica & Ryan - 12.jpg

Special thanks to the following vendors who made this day possible:

Venue: Texas Old Town

Caterer: Catering by Mopsie

Flowers: Jordan's Flowers and Events

Hair & Make-Up: Katy Reddell Beauty

Cake: Polkadots Cupcake Factory

DJ: Hype Rhythm DJ

Rentals: Amelia's Weddings

Bride's Dress Brand: Mori Lee

Bridal Salon: Baley's Bridal

Bride's Shoe Brand: Betsey Johnson

Bride's Perfume name & brand: Wisteria Blue by Nest

Bridesmaids' Dress brand: Bill Levkoff

Groom & Groomsmen Suit Brand: Men's Wearhouse

Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.
— Ephesians 4:2-3
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
— Ecclesiastes 4:12

Guadalupe Goodness

At Hideout on the Horseshoe in Canyon Lake, TX with Zach + Amber

Amber & Zach - 12.jpg
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Amber & Zach - 4.jpg

Amber reached out to me last year wondering if I was still available to photograph her wedding on March 17th, and I was overjoyed being able to tell her I was in fact still available.  For the record, Amber & Zach's wedding date hits a bit closer to my heart in particular because my husband and I have our anniversary on 3.18.17, so their wedding was exactly one day before our one year anniversary. She explained, this particular Saturday landed on St. Patrick's Day, they would have green beer to drink and their wedding ceremony was going to be along the Guadalupe River.

Amber & Zach - 6.jpg
Amber & Zach - 7.jpg

As she explained what she had envisioned, with greenery draping the alter, wooden tables for guests and green and ivory as her accent colors, I began to light up. There is something special about hearing about the details that a bride has been dreaming of in her head for several months or sometimes even many years. 

Amber & Zach - 5.jpg
Amber & Zach - 8.jpg

 Let me tell you, the details on her wedding day came together so perfectly and all the planning and organizing was well worth the hard work because it all came down to one day. I consider this day one part luck of the Irish & one part gift from God. Let me explain...

Amber & Zach - 22.jpg
Amber & Zach - 9.jpg
Amber & Zach -1.jpg
Amber & Zach - 11.jpg

Every detail was set in place and ready for Amber & Zach to have their ceremony. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, rain starting coming down, hitting the river and soaking all of the chairs that were ready for the couple's guests to be seated. Amber became a bit worried, but after tracking the rain on the Storm app, it showed it was going to pass in a few minutes, so the bridesmaids turned the music up and enjoyed their own dance party together. I sat back & observed as the girls all shared a fun experience together jamming out to a fun playlist together & simultaneously created a memory they will always remember.

Amber & Zach - 10.jpg
Amber & Zach - 23.jpg

Just as forecasted, the rain soon passed and dozens of volunteers from the group came to the rescue to dry each row of chairs. There was no stopping this wedding & as soon as the chairs were dried, the guests were escorted to their seats.

Amber & Zach - 13.jpg

Just as the ceremony began, the sun broke through the clouds and shined down over the ceremony as if announcing "Don't worry, I am here!". They say rain often brings the sun and I can't help but think about how true this is in marriage.

Amber & Zach - 14.jpg

I'm no pro when it comes to the subject of marriage and I've only been married for a little over a year now, but I can reflect on how true it has been in my experience that there is something to be learned from 'weathering the storms' so to speak. As the rain fell down just before their ceremony, it reminded me that even when we have our own 'vision' of how a specific day or event will unfold, life happens. It humbly reminded me that it is in only my control to react positively or negatively to whatever is thrown my way and more often then not, I feel as though difficult times in marriage are often followed up with very fulfilling and joyful times.

Amber & Zach - 15.jpg

The weather on this wedding day reminded me of marriage - when the rain comes and you don't feel as close to the person you married, or thought you married, to accept the situation for what is is. After all, my husband is human and I can't expect perfection, just like he cannot expect perfection from me. You see, just like the rain, life randomly gives situations to work through that often times are very difficult to wrap your head around.

Amber & Zach - 16.jpg

It is my decision to accept this and if I can positively react and enjoy the very moment I am given to be alive, It is often easier recognize again of the goodness in my husband. It's almost God's reminder for me to not plan so much and to just enjoy each other and the time we have with one another - through rain or shine! This amazing wedding was a testimony to Amber & Zach's love for one another - they will love each other regardless of what they will weather and they'll be strong by doing this together and on the same team!

Amber & Zach - 17.jpg

Smelling the flowers, seeing Amber in her gorgeous gown and seeing Zach's eyes swell up with tears as he saw his new bride walk towards him brought such an emotional moment for everyone, including me.

Amber & Zach - 19.jpg

As the sun shined down on the couple as they said their vows of commitment to one another, I couldn't help but have a few tears in my eyes as well behind my camera. The scene was absolutely breathtaking as the couple stood next to the calm waters of the river as the sun shined above the ceremony, but the most beautiful part of the entire day was the words they exchanged and the commitment they made to one another that reflected the goodness they each have inside and the love they share between one another. Joy filled the air as the couple sealed the deal with a sweet kiss.   

Amber & Zach - 24.jpg
Amber & Zach - 21.jpg

e Amber & Zach, 

It Zach & I consider it such a blessing being able to be your wedding photographers on your big day....and how special we (almost) will share an Anniversary each year! Don't forget that just like your wedding day, the 'rain' will come. Try your best not to fight it, but to embrace the challenges life will throw you and to use that time to grow your 'personal character muscles', specifically of hope and love. I encourage you both to use the difficult circumstances life sends you as a test to make you stronger and to love one another even more during those times - when it's hardest to love. Always keep in mind, rain brings the sun and it had proven very true time and time again in my marriage. Make it your personal goal to focus on the good in one another and uplift each other each and every day. Your words can either uplift or tear down, so be very aware of what you say to one another. Above all, I hope you always speak well of each other in anyone's company, choose each decision as a team and consider first your commitment to one another before reacting to hard times. Learn to say "we will get through this together" and make up your mind to do just that. Don't forget, you can always learn to dance together in the rain! Love develops our character and isn't always a fairy tale, but you can each make the best of any situations by radiating a joyful presence to uplift the other. It was such a blessing to witness in person you both saying your vows to one another and Zach & I were so grateful for you playing our First Dance song as your last song of the night so we could celebrate our One year Anniversary. Cheers to you both as you begin your life together and don't be a stranger.


Special Thanks to these amazing Vendors for making this beautiful day possible:

Venue: Hideout on the Horseshoe (Amber)

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography  (Lyndsay & Zach)

Video: Lyndsay Lyon Photography (Drew)

Coordination: Clearly Classy Events (Krysta)

Cake: Sweet Dreams Bakery

Cookie Cake: Great American Cookie

Catering: San Marcos BBQ (Justin)

DJ: DJ for Hire (John)

Florist: Wild Bunches (Bay)

Hair & Make-up: Lola Beauty 

Drink Service: The Party Staff

Officiant: Friend of bride & groom, Donna

PhotoBooth: 5050 Photobooth (Garrett)

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.
— Joshua 1:9
Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.
— James 1:2-5

Colorful Prospects

At Prospect House in Dripping Springs, TX with Brittney + Mitch


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a really colorful and fun wedding, but wasn't sure if it was a good idea? Let me go ahead and show you why it is a REALLY REALLY good idea & to push all doubts to the side! I am overly excited to share this wedding with you today on the blog! This wedding alone has inspired me to be more open to having color throughout my home and in my life. I absolutely LOVED the way I felt when I walked in to the Prospect House and saw all the colorful florals the amazing Lady D from Black Petal Floral Design had used to transform the space. Can I just say right now that the energy each bright color brings to an event is magnetic & I'm convinced everyone felt energized just looking at the vibrantly decorated reception area. Oh, and also, the chic lounge by LOOT Rental was an absolute hit as well, especially during cocktail hour. 

Brittney & Mitch Collages - 37.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 28.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 27 (1).jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 26.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 35.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 27.jpg

Side note: The following paragraphs explains the back story regarding this wedding. I feel as though sharing this extra story was too important in my life and journey to not explain. It has been said that we are all connected by only six degrees of separation, which I believe is designed by our Creator to make us feel connected to an encouraging group of believers I like to call "my people".

Brittney & Mitch Collages - 38.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 2 (1).jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 3.jpg

This wedding really means a lot to me for multiple reasons. Let me explain. Growing up, I went to a small private school in San Antonio that was K-12th grade called San Antonio Christian School - everyone just calls it S.A.C.S. I attended school there from 5th grade all the way through high school, where I graduated back in 2008 (wow, typing that makes me feel so old). Anyways, I went on to study and graduate with my Photography Degree at Texas State University. It's been five years now since then and I've learned several things throughout the years of having my business. Shortly after graduating, I quickly realized that while having my Photography degree was a really great asset, I needed a bit more experience.

Brittney & Mitch Collages - 1.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 32.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 24.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 8.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 117.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 21.jpg

I began taking courses online from my idol & mentor photographer couple, Amy & Jordan. They are based in Arizona and have been featured in People Magazine, The Huffington Post and also recognized by Rangefinder as being one of the Top Ten Educators in the wedding photography field. Trust me, they offer photography nerd super food & have helped me learn a lot of what I did not learn in school. My dad always told me "Lyndsay, NEVER stop learning & always seek to better yourself. If you hone in on your craft & spend your efforts mastering your skill, this will be your blessing to others."  Well, that little piece of advice has stuck with my throughout the years & I continue to learn more and more about my craft in an effort to not only better myself, but to also serve my clients well. To love and serve my clients well. This is my business mantra and this is also why I started my business. This is also what keeps me going, day in and day out.

Brittney & Mitch Collages - 14.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 30.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 9.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 36.jpg

Amy & Jordan explained that at the beginning years of having a photography business, your family & the people closest to you are actually the people who are most cautious when recommending you to others because while they really want you to succeed, they don't know how much you are committed to the goal of creating and maintaining a thriving and established company. Amy & Jordan explained why this makes reasonable sense, especially at the beginning. They also explained, in their experience, as time went on and they photographed more weddings and their work and website and marketing began to expand, their friends and family soon realized how dedicated they were and began proudly recommending them to all their friends and friends of friends.

Brittney & Mitch Collages - 31 (1).jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 33.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 10.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 25.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 29.jpg

Throughout the years of owning and running this business, I've learned so much more than anything I could have picked up in college. It takes being thrown in to situations in real life and dealing with different scenarios to improve each aspect of how I run the business. At the end of the day, I always try to make sure I have loved and served my clients well. Life has a funny way of coming full circle and I can't help but smile when I notice situations that make me feel as though I'm right where I need to be.

Brittney & Mitch Collages - 6.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 7.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 4.jpg

You see, this couple right here is named Brittney & Mitch and guess what? They also went to the same small private school I went to growing up. Brittney's father is my dad's dentist and guess what? My dad recommended me over a year ago now. After meeting up with Brittney & Mitch at Juiceland to talk details and get to know each other a bit better, I just knew that we were a great fit. I consider this sweet couple "my people".  It makes me so proud to show you this wedding because I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to serve this amazing couple & everything about this day was filled with joy. 

Brittney & Mitch Collages - 13.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 18.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 15.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 16.jpg

Brittney & Mitch have a love for one another is very evident when you're around them and their wedding day was a bit more emotional for me than usual. I may or may not have teared up a bit behind my camera when I saw Brittney's father tear up as he walked his daughter down the aisle. It was one of the most genuine moments I've had the privilege of being able to witness, so being able to capture that moment for this sweet couple was very rewarding. As they said their vows to one another, I noticed many happy tears were also rolling down the faces of their closest friends and family. Brittney & Mitch had become one and to witness this was an honor.  

Brittney & Mitch Collages - 23.jpg
Brittney & Mitch Collages - 11.jpg
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Brittney & Mitch, 

 It was such a blessing being able to capture your big day! I truly hope you look back on your wedding day with nothing but great memories as you start your new life together. I especially appreciate that you both come from the same school I attended growing up. I hope you cherish your photo gallery for generations to come and frame your photos all over your house as a reminder each and every day how much love you share together. Cheers, you two! I look forward to seeing where life takes you both and don't forget y'all are my kind of people, so stay in touch!

With Love,


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Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
— Romans 12:9-13
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P.S. I will always remember the best man's speech as he explained how excited Mitch was to graduate from S.A.C.S. so he could "date girls from U.T." & guess what? He ended up falling in love with the most amazing woman-aaaaaand, she was from S.A.C.S.  

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Special thanks to all the amazing vendors who made this day possible

Venue: The Prospect House

Coordination: Touch of Whimsy Design & Coordination (Kelsea)

Floral Design: Black Petal Floral Design (Lady D)

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

Catering: The Root Cellar Catering Co. 

Bakery: Sweet Treets Bakery

Hair: Elena Evans

Makeup: Rachel James

DJ: Complete Weddings (Tristan Tully)

Furniture Rentals: Loot Rentals

Bride's Perfume: Tocca Isabel

Officiant: Scott Payne


Oak Vows

At Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock, TX with Kwes + Heather

This amazing wedding between Heather & Kwes started out giving everyone a bit of a worry with a few drops of water falling down on the ceremony site. However, the rain stopped just in time to get these two down the isle and just in time for them to each say their vows to one another. They say a little rain on your wedding day is actually good luck and by all means, It was a wedding day miracle! Nothing could stop these two from getting married and their ceremony and reception was absolutely a success!

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Heather & Kwes - 1.jpg
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How Heather & Kwes met (in Heather's words):

We actually met through a mutual friend, one of my Matrons of Honor at the wedding. I was at her twenty first birthday party when I noticed this tall handsome guy walk in. Of course me being shy and not liking to talk to strangers at this point in my life just quietly went about the night, but kinda kept an eye on him. I didn’t think he noticed me or seemed interested and I had to leave early for work the next day so I left and didn’t think much of it. Of course as girls do I told our mutual friend about the handsome stranger a few days later, and her being a good friend, she decided to play matchmaker and set something up without us knowing. About a week later she asks me to help her move out of her apartment and who would happen to show up, the guy from the party. So we got to talking and come to find out the reason he stayed away that night was because I was taking care of a very inebriated friend who was very upset and kept yelling that the same mutual friend wouldn’t make out with her. So he decided to stay away from that hot mess. But once we started talking we just clicked very well, and a few days later he asked me out on our first date!
— Heather
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The Proposal (In Heather's words)

Our engagement was actually kinda funny and sweet, I feel like he did a really good job, especially with me not being as cooperative as he would of liked! We had been dating for almost four years and he knew that I was getting very anxious, it may of been the obvious hints and pinterest boards that gave it away but who knows. So for my birthday/four year anniversary he wanted to go up to Eagle Nest, New Mexico for a nice vacation. So we left with Kwes’s parents and sisters to stay a week at their family cabin. The first couple of days we all got settled in and all hung out and played a bunch of games and had a little to drink. The second night we were their I had a little bit too much to drink and by the end of the night Kwes wanted to cuddle on the couch, well apparently I was feeling a little ornery and told him I didn’t want to cuddle because I didn’t have a ring, just kidding around of course. Well he didn’t get the joking vibe I got a “really?” look that made more sense the next day. The next day we get up at 5 in the morning to go zip lining through the mountains, which I am terrified of heights and falling, so this was a big one for me. But we actually had a blast! We get back to the cabin and everyone is exhausted, and at this point all I want to do is take a nap. Well Kwes turns to me and says that he wants to go and take a nice family picture since we are all together. A little bit of a backstory here, Kwes hates pictures! Anytime we have to take pictures for anything it’s a small battle, that usually ends up in the what I call the “Chandler Bing” face (from Friends). So knowing that, I was a little perturbed at the fact that right at this moment we had to get dressed up and take pictures, you know right after we pretty much just faced death and flew down the side of a giant mountain on a rope. But after some moaning and groaning, and a few choice words, I decided to go along with it and got ready. So we go out and Kwes decides that he , the man who never wants to take a picture, wants to take it at the highest part of the mountain and right on the ledge. Again afraid of heights I reluctantly agreed. So we start taking the pictures and it’s just me and Kwes in the pictures at this point with his mom taking them and his sister standing right behind her fiddling with something. I started to notice something was going on because we were talking like 2 minutes on just me and Kwes in the same spot and they were all giving each other strange looks, the whole time Kwes’s sister is still fiddling with something behind their moms back. Then, Kwes’s mom decided she wanted a few of me by myself, so Kwes went to stand next to them and I saw his sister hand him something. The next thing I know, Kwes is right next to me down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I was so incredibly happy and excited and just a gigantic ball of emotions that I said yes and without even thinking about it, I grabbed him close. Kwes will say I snatched it (like a Hobbit), the ring from his hands without giving him the chance to put it on my finger first. Come to find out, Kwes had the ring and been planning this beautiful proposal for months! Also, I found out later from his sister who had been fiddling with something behind their mom’s back, was actually put the ring and the box down her shirt to hide it and it had gotten stuck, and that’s why we were taking the same picture over and over again. Besides our wedding day, that day was the best day of my life, I am so grateful that I get to call him my husband and we get to share each and everyday together. I wouldn’t of had it any other way!
— Heather
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Heather & Kwes,

 I am so happy to have had y'all each as my amazing clients & I am so grateful that you chose me to cover your special day! It was such a great time getting to know your love story and to see what truly makes you each so in love with each other. I had such an amazing time with your friends and family-everyone made me feel so welcomed and a part of the celebration. I am truly happy for you two. My wish is that when you look through your photos from your wedding day, you'll always be reminded of how amazing of a day it was. My prayer for you each is that when you get in your first argument (& it will happen), I hope you can both take a look through these photos together and remember all the feelings of love you have for each other and how much fun you can have with one another each day. My wish for you both is that as every day that goes by, you genuinely remember the feelings that were so obvious on your wedding day and make your best effort to show the other person that they are your number one priority over anyone else. I consider myself blessed to have y'all in my life & I can'twait to see where life takes you on your journey together. God bless you both & don't be strangers!

With Love,


A special thanks to all the amazing vendors who made this wedding possible:

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

Venue: Lone Oak Barn

Florals: Foxglove & Grace

Coordination: Foxglove & Grace

Catering: PoK-e-Jo's

DJ & Photo Booth: Complete Weddings

Makeup & Hair: Muah & Co. 

Wedding Cake: Classic Cakes by Lori

Cobbler: Iron Works BBQ (Hand scooped in Mason Jars)

Rentals: Monarch Event Rentals 

Wedding Dress Boutique: Belle Saison Bridal

Wedding Dress: Allure Romance

Bride's Boots : Cavenders

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal (in Biscotti)

Groom & Groomsmen Suits Location: Men's Warehouse

Groom & Groomsmen Suit Brand: Awearness Kenneth Cole

Hill County

At Vista West Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas with Rhett + Kaila


I'm so excited to show y'all this wedding today on the blog! Kaila & Rhett made the most perfect bride and groom and their story is really special. My husband, Zach actually went to high school with Kaila & Rhett worked at the gym we go to in South Austin.


We had no idea he was dating the same Kaila that my husband knew in high school, we would go in to the gym and talk to Rhett for a half hour at a time and he would mention his girlfriend. After about 3 or 4 months of going in to workout and talking to Rhett, we got to know a bit more about him. He told us he had previously served in the military (which I greatly appreciate because my father was also in the military) & he told us how he was planning on becoming a Police Officer. He also told us he was thinking about proposing to his girlfriend who he would mention every now and then. One day, we walked in to workout just like any other day & there Rhett was, at the front desk as usual, with a smile from ear to ear. I thought this was out of the ordinary and someone had just told him a funny joke or something had just happened funny in the gym, but no one was around him and he was just looking at Zach & I. Without waiting for us to finish saying our normal "Hey Rhett, how are you?", he quickly and proudly informed us that he had popped the question to his girlfriend. He was very excited & we were very excited for him as well. At the time, we still had no idea who his new fiance was, but soon after, I had a Bridal Extravaganza in Austin and my husband and I worked the booth as usual. Kaila & her sweet mother passed by and Zach recognized Kaila & caught up for a little while. It was then that we realized these two people who we knew were engaged to each other & we were couldn't be more excited for them!


This is how Kaila explained meeting Rhett "We first saw each other in philosophy class in August of 2014. A couple class sessions went by and I got up the nerve to make small talk after class while walking to our cars. Rhett asked me on a date shortly after that. First date was on 9/11/2014. Rhett moved in with me 3 short months after we started dating. (HA)"

...and how he proposed:
"On December 23, 2016 Rhett said he was taking me out for a surprise early Christmas gift. He took me out to lady bird lake trail and proposed! It was just the two of us but a couple of random people captured photos of the whole thing from a distance, which was awesome to have! After that we went to celebrate at Perla’s on south congress where our closest family and friends were there to surprise me and celebrate with us."


I am so grateful to have had this amazing opportunity to photograph these two on the most important day of their lives. The day was absolutely perfect and every detail set perfectly in place. Vista West Ranch was the perfect venue for the pair set in the Texas Hill country and not too far away from Austin. The first two rows of chairs for the closest family to the bride & groom were all different & added a very eclectic feel to the ceremony area. I have only photographed outdoor weddings at this venue and was so excited they decided to get married inside for their ceremony because the french doors in the back are decorated with dried baby's breath year round by the venue & the look created the most amazing arch for the ceremony!


Kaila's parents were so kind throughout the entire day & it was such a pleasure being able to capture her mother button up her gown and the reaction on her father's face when they had their own 'First Look' before the ceremony where he saw her in her gown for the first time. 


Kaila & Rhett are very laid back and truly light up when they are around each other. They even took a shot of Gentleman's Jack before the ceremony to ease their nerves, which proved to be a great photo opp.


Kaila also gave me her parent's original weddings bands to photograph and tied them on to her shoe laces during the ceremony. 


Shortly after they booked me as their photographer, Rhett left his job at the gym to join the intense Police Officer Training program in San Antonio in order to pursue his new career. Kaila showed her support of his decision and dedication by tying a band around the flowers- a ‘thin blue line’ bracelet, which is displayed to show support for law enforcement.


When I arrived at the venue, Kaila gave me her box of detail items & explained that the $2 was included because her Grandfather Janssen, who passed away in 2008, had always gifted her and the other grand kids with a $2 bill every Christmas and she still has all of them. I thought that was really special & I loved that she included it in her detail box to be photograph because it was so special to her. It's almost as if Grandpa Janssen was there that day, just looking over the couple. 


I have to point out how adorable these two flower girls are! They were so sweet with each other & looking out the window as guests arrived. Kaila was extremely smart and stylish at the same time - just look at those Kate Spade glitter shoes!


While the ladies were finishing up getting ready, Rhett and his groomsmen were having fun playing 007 and the 'Ring Security' was showing me how they listened to their radio in their ear regarding protecting the rings at all costs - seriously the best idea for ring bearers I've ever seen! One of the boys informed me they only stand up straight for photos with their hands behind their back, not in front. 


As the ceremony began, Rhett let the moment overtake him while watching his beautiful bride walk towards him and began to tear up. Kaila was simply glowing & ready to marry the love of her life.


As the ceremony continued, it was hard not to tear up myself behind my lens and the couple kissed to seal the deal. They walked down the isle as Mr. & Mrs. & were applauded in their new chapter of life. They were soon surrounded by the grand scenery of the natural Texas hill country just as the sun was setting behind the newly married couple. They stood there in the tall grass, taking in the moment that had jsut happened.  


Special Thanks to all the vendors for making this day possible for Kaila & Rhett:

- Venue: Vista West Ranch
- Hair & makeup: Southern Beauty by Jessica Percenti 
- Flowers: HEB Blooms
- Food: The Peached Tortilla  Cupcakes: Nothing Bundt Cakes
- Alcohol Service: Bar Butlers
- DJ: The Premier Entertainment Group, Michael Bond
- Brides dress: Essense of Australia
- Grooms suit: Calvin Klein
- Bridesmaid dress: Watters 
- Ceremony Vocals: Krista and Jake - family friends
- Day of Coordinator: Coordinate This, Jaime


Downtown Glamor

At the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas with AJ + Kathryn

1 (42 of 151).jpg

I was so excited to photograph Kathryn & AJ's wedding! They booked with me over a year before their wedding because they wanted every little detail to perfect- and everything was beyond perfect! I met up with Kathryn, Kathryn's mother and also AJ's mother at Starbucks to get to know each other a bit more and just to talk details. I learned all about how Kathryn and AJ met & how AJ had proposed to Kathryn in front of all their family last year & how romantic is was.

1 (20 of 151).jpg

Also, I became overly excited because they met in college at Texas State University---MY Alma mater! In fact, Texas State was not only the campus I climbed hundreds of thousands of stairs while earning my Photography Degree from, but also the campus where I met my now husband, Zach. So, in a way, their love story really resonated with me and my experience as well & for that, I felt very connected to the pair and we had a mutual understanding of similar college experiences. In fact, we photographed their Engagement Session in San Marcos, home of Texas State University. We began at the Square, where so many nights were spent with friends enjoying life. Then, we moved on to the campus, where so many (& I mean SOOOOO many) stairs were climbed while going to classes - it was really nice being able to go back with Kathryn & AJ to re-visit the place where new chapters began & great memories were made in my own life & to hear about how they met & the places on campus that were special to their love story. 



Kathryn's sweet mother was there to help calm her nerves and to make sure getting the bridesmaids were ready. Both Kathryn & AJ's mom were so much fun to be around & made me feel like part of the family. Also, how perfect is Kathryn's braided up-do by Blushed Beauty


Kathryn wanted to have a moment with her father for a 'First Look' before the day began to speed up. When he saw her, a smile spread from ear to ear across his face and they held hands in love and as they silently acknowledged how important this moment was, Kathryn began to tear up. Her dad hugged her close, reminded her how lucky AJ was to marry her & how perfect she was as a bride. Kathryn let out a trusting sigh of relief and wiped the happy tears away.  Next, the couple had their own 'First Look' out on the patio & AJ was stunned with how breathtaking Kathryn was in her gown. He knew, just then, it was the moment he had waited his whole life for & he was ready. 


Rewind to the time they first met in AJ's own words:

We first met at the Villagio Apartment’s pool in San Marcos, Texas. My fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi was participating in an event being hosted by Kathryn’s sorority, Delta Gamma. For this particular event, fraternities would volunteer members to participate in a number of activities including a synchronized swim routine. I was there to support some of my fraternity brothers who were participating and of course hang out with the wonderful ladies of Delta Gamma. Almost immediately, Kathryn caught my eye mainly because she had a six pack of Shiner in her hand rather than a wine glass. As I did a double take to make sure I saw that beautiful blonde holding my favorite beer, my good friend Bobby Buchanan asks, “You want to meet her?” & boy, did I ever! Sure enough, Brother Bobby worked his wonderful charm and introduced me to Kathryn. After talking for a bit we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. At that moment, I knew Kathryn was the love of my life. I even told one of my other fraternity brothers, Tyler Deck, that I was going to make Kat a pb&j (no, really) and that I was convinced that she would marry me because it was such a phenomenal sandwich. I learned shortly after that Kathryn despises jelly (who doesn’t like jelly?!) but she let me try to entertain her as best I could in my little 1 bedroom 650 sq. ft. apartment. We had a great time that evening talking about music and movies and after that night we progressively spent more and more time together. We went to date parties, tailgates, football games, the movies, dinner, and the Square (Texas State’s bar district). That fall semester was one of the best times of our life. To top it all off we brought in the 2014 New Year at The Driskill Hotel in Austin.
— AJ

So, naturally, it makes sense that Kathryn & AJ decided on the Driskill as their wedding venue. For many reasons, I have always wanted to photograph a wedding at this gorgeous hotel. Not only was in smack dab in the middle of downtown Austin (as if that isn't reason enough), it is one of the most architecturally attractive buildings in the area & is only two blocks from Congress. The Driskill is one of the most iconic Austin landmarks & has a remarkable double grand staircase leading up to the breathtaking second floor above the lobby. This mezzanine level in the Driskill is where the tables and chairs were perfectly placed & decorated for the wedding guests to enjoy. How amazing is the groom's cake? It's a baseball with the New York Yankees logo- love it!


The mood was perfectly set while everyone was seated & the string trio began to play softly as the bridal party walked in slowly towards the altar. The ring bearer walked confidently down the isle and gave AJ a high five just before running to the side. Emotions ran high as the doors were closed just before Kathryn lined up behind them.


All guests were asked to stand as the doors were opened and the emotions started to fill the room as her father and step father both respectfully and lovingly walked their daughter down the isle. Everything had been leading up to this moment & it was absolutely perfect. Her father handed her to AJ to take as his new bride & as the ceremony unfolded, the two said their vows of love and commitment to one another. They sealed the deal with a kiss and as they turned to face their most loved and cherished friends and family, they were met with cheering, clapping and a few shouts of cheer to support their union. Everyone was so thrilled for the two & the group was ready to celebrate! 


The celebration was so much fun & I was so impressed when I found out not only was Kathryn's father a Texas State Alumni (Southwest Texas State when he attended), but Kathryn's grandfather was also an alumni as well back when it was called Southwest Texas State Teachers College! We all took a photo together to celebrate our university & to show our Bobcat Pride (Eat em' up!) The dance floor was packed the entire night and the live band was such a hit with everyone. 


Dear Kathryn & AJ, 

  I am so happy to have had y'all as my amazing clients & I am so grateful that we met! It was such a great time getting to know your love story and I especially appreciated that it all started because you met at Texas State. I had such an amazing time with your friends and family-everyone made me feel so welcomed and a part of the celebration. I am truly happy for you two. My wish is that when you look through your photos from your wedding day, you'll always be reminded of how amazing of a day it was. I hope that when you get in your first fight (& it will happen), I hope you can both take a look through these photos together and remember how much you love each other and how much fun you have with each other. My prayer for you both is that as every day that passes, you truly remember the feelings that were so apparent for each other on your wedding day and make an effort to show the other person that they are your number one priority over anyone else. I am so blessed to have you both in my life & I cannot wait to see where life takes you together. God bless you both & don't be strangers!

With Love,



A special thanks to all the amazing vendors who made this wedding possible:

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

Venue: The Driskill Hotel

Florals: HEB Blooms

Coordination: Life Styled Events 

Catering: The Driskill Hotel 

Band & Ceremony String Trio: Royal Dukes Band 

Makeup & Hair: Blushed Beauty 

Cakes: 1886 Cafe & Bakery (Part of the Driskill Hotel)

Wedding Dress: BHLDN (Monica Gown)

Bride's Heels : Steve Madden

Bridesmaids Dresses: Vow To Be Chic (Theia Collection - Kaylee Gown) 

Groom & Groomsmen Suits : Joseph & Feiss (Rented from Men's Warehouse) 

Pine & Wine-Colored Winter

At the Life Austin Chapel and Brodie Homestead in Austin, Texas with Erick + Monica

The minute I met Monica, I felt joy radiate from her entire being. As we began talking about her big day over a year ago now, I could see the happiness she carried with her as she explained what she had always envisioned to create her dream wedding day.


As Monica explained how her and her fiance met, her smile began to get a bit bigger with each detail she filled me in on about her and Erick's love story. She's the type of person you are drawn to for a very obvious reason-she is constantly smiling and genuinely cheerful. Her demeanor is full of this magnetic energy that radiates pure delight and contentment within herself.


Shortly after Erick & Monica booked me to be their photographer, I sent them their Engagement Style Guide & we had an amazing Engagement Session which began by walking up and down South Congress & ended at McKinney Falls State Park just as the sun set. I loved getting to know each of their personalities a bit more and the chemistry the two had together seemed to compliment each other in the most perfect of ways imaginable. Hearing of their many adventures together and what had brought them to that moment was captivating. Their stories about many adventures and memories together leading up to that point had me captivated in conversation right up until any trace of light in the sky had hidden. Their story about how they met was one for the books, explaining that they actually began a relationship while working together at a bank.

As the story goes...

Erick and I met when we were both working at Wells Fargo. I was a teller and he was a banker. He had a huge crush on me and he would follow me all around the branch. I finally gave in to his charm when he asked me out to lunch one day and that was what started our ‘scandalous’ work relationship He proposed on December 19, 2016 in front of the “I love you so much sign” on South Congress and he even had all of our friends waiting for a celebration party at Hotel San Jose!
— Monica
Monica and I met while working together a bank. I was in awe from the first time I saw her. From that point on, our relationship turned out to be quite and adventure, full of great moments, wonderful memories and fun - lots of fun! The day of my proposal, everything came together in a matter of hours and after a few phone calls, I gathered the friends who witnessed our relationship grow. They gathered at the lobby of Hotel San Jose and waited for us to arrive. I took Monica to our favorite Austin sign on SoCo and said to her how much I loved her and got down on one knee to ask her to be mine forever... & well, the rest is history.
— Erick

I just knew the wedding would be perfect when I walked in the Bridal Suite to see Monica with her classic smile as she finished getting ready to marry the man of her dreams. The invitation suite was a perfect hand-made detail by the one & only Bright & Clean artist, Kamryn Clark. The breathtaking Jimmy Choo heels for the bride added a touch of glam to start the big day as well as the impressive & ornately decorated gold mirror which stood tall in its elegance within the Bridal Suite of the Life Austin Chapel. I was so happy to be able to work together again with Kenan from Foxglove & Grace - she is one of my favorite florists in the area & known for her stunning floral arrangements, flawless client experience and exceptional organizational abilities on each wedding day. The groom surprised his bride with a sweet sterling bracelet just before the ceremony & she couldn't be happier- everything was ready to go & they were both ready to be married!


And just like that, the two were married! Upon arrival at Brodie Homestead, every table had been meticulously decorated with fresh garlands of pine draped on top of the most beautiful wine-colored silk runners. With dozens of tall skinny candles glowing & gold chargers prepared for each table setting, the celebration was ready to begin. 


The reception was full of smiles, complete with a s'mores bar, dancing, a cigar break for the men and also a Caricaturist to draw the guests. Everyone who attended had a night full of fun and most importantly, celebrated Monica & Erick's new chapter in life. This was an amazing wedding to say the least. All of the family members and guests made me feel right at home. 


Towards the last hour of the reception, the two celebrated Erick's Peruvian heritage by incorporating 'La Hora Loca', which means "The Crazy Hour". For this last hour, the lights were dimmed all the way down, balloons in all colors were passed around as well as traditional Peruvian tasseled hats for guests and the music was turned all the way up. It was a crazy party the last hour with epic dance moves, smiles everywhere and so many balloons. The energy that surrounded the couple made me wish I was secretly Peruvian as well. I was blessed by being able to capture such a fun tradition to the groom's culture & consider this to be one of the most epic ways to end the night...pumped up!  

Monica & Erick,

It was such a pleasure being your wedding photographer. I really enjoyed getting to know both of you throughout the entire process the past year and wish you nothing but the best in the future. Your chemistry is magnetic & I hope you can remember how special this day was for you every time you look at these photos. Your closest friends and family was there along the way & I now consider you both to be friends of mine as well & for that, I am very grateful! When an argument or tough time comes along in your relationship, my advice is to turn the lights down, turn the laser lights on, get balloons and play crazy music to start dancing to & not talk. Hopefully, that will bring you back to the last hour of your amazing wedding and all the feelings of how much you are in love with rush back in an instant! I am so glad you decided to honor your Peruvian heritage with ‘La Hora Loca’. I am truly grateful to have such amazing clients & I pray your relationship grows and bears fruit throughout the many years together. God bless y’all & don’t be strangers. I’d love to be there for each step of your lives together.
— Your Wedding Photographer, Lyndsay

Photography & Video Coverage: Lyndsay Lyon Photography


  - Getting Ready Suites & Ceremony: Life Austin Chapel

  - Reception : Brodie Homestead

Florals: Foxglove & Grace (Kenan)

Coordination: Kenan (from Foxglove & Grace)

Invitation Suite: Bright & Clean (by Kamryn)

Catering: CJ's Catering

Bartending: Austin's Elite Staffing

Transportation: 4Leaf