Canyonwood Ridge Classic Wedding - Chandler + Clint

Meet Chandler & Clint y’all! It has been such a blessing being able to get to know these two throughout their engagement & months leading up to their big day. We had a great time on their Engagement Session last year & it seems like just yesterday we were fine tuning their wedding day timeline & prepping for their wedding. Their special day was nothing short of perfect & the details that were thought of so well and made everything come together!

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What do you get when you combine a couple who is madly & genuinely in love, dressed to the nines, put them on a perfect hill during golden hour, hand them perfect florals and a fun bridal party? A photographer’s dream, that’s what! It was such a blessing to be able to photograph Chandler & Clint’s wedding at Canyonwood Ridge - y’all, this venue is stunning & so easy to photograph - so many architectural aspects I truly loved & plenty of areas for great photographs. Let me just say that golden hour is perfect behind the venue on the hill!

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It is always a pleasure working with Lola Beauty for their amazing hair & makeup abilities. Also, every time I work with Taylor Bible Weddings & Giselle Smith (Florist), I am always so grateful for how professional , organized & talented these ladies are. The work these ladies do together is extremely impressive & only make my job easy - you can be assured, whatever they set up will be photo-ready!

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One thing I noticed throughout the entire wedding day is the amount of love both Chandler & Clint both have for the Lord. From the words that were exchanged between Chandler & Clint during their ceremony, to the women & bridesmaids laying hands on Chandler to pray over this next step in her life, this family has a way of making sure that their faith was evident. Guests & family members alike found it hard to contain their support of Chandler & Clint’s marriage with the dozens of smiles from ear to ear - overflowing joy that was a constant theme throughout the day.

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Venue: Canyonwood Ridge

Caterer: Pignetti’s

Cake: Morgan Pearl Cakes

Assorted Desserts: SureGood Sweets

Wedding Coordinator: Taylor Bible Weddings

Florist: Lovely Leaves Floral (Giselle)

Hair and Makeup: Lola Beauty

DJ-  Braylon Smither

Videographer- Say “I Do” Weddings (Drew)

Rentals: Confetti Rentals

Rentals: Whim Hospitality


Chandler & Clint,

I hope married life has been treating y’all well! I consider myself very blessed being able to be your Engagement & Wedding photographer. It was a joy getting to know both of you & I want you to know throughout the time you were Engaged (& after), it has been encouraging to me to see how much you lean on the Lord to guide you. Chandler, your bible verse postings on Instagram were a constant refreshment (& still are) in my life & I just want you to know that. Think, then, even more so, about how much you can influence each other with scripture. You two certainly have the love of Christ in you & it’s obvious - a trait I often find my mind & actions drifting away from at times. Might I add that it is quite refreshing to see a couple who truly loves the Lord & are moving forward together in their relationship with the goal of pleasing Him. I haven’t been married but two years now & I do not by any means have all the answers. I do however know the one who does have all the answers & when things get difficult, don’t forget that the Lord is already working out your future for your good - together!

Jeremiah 29:11 - “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

both you & your family were extremely welcoming & I am grateful to have been your photographer for such an amazing time in your life. Don’t be strangers!

With Love,