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At Villa Antonia with Lily & Andrew

Let me introduce you to one of the most amazing secrets hiding in the Texas hill country just Northwest of downtown Austin. The place I’m referring to is called Villa Antonia. If someone were to blindfolded me, take me on a plane for over 12 hours and somehow land back right here in Texas, drove me out 30 minutes to this treasure of a place & take my blindfold off and ask me where I think we are in the world, I would think it to be the hillsides of Spain. Sun rays draping across miles and miles of tree-covered countryside as far as the eye can see. Breathtaking is the word I would use to describe this venue, Villa Antonia. What a marvelous location for a love story to unfold if I do say so myself. Lily & Andrew were destined to be together and at one point, thousands of miles and separated the two from meeting again- but we all know fate has this way of sneaking in to our lives when we least expect it. This, my friends, is the story of Lily & Andrew.

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Q: Lily, How did you meet Andrew?

Andrew and I met initially through mutual friends at UT Austin at a Japanese Association event as we both loved and were learning Japanese. We lived our own lives for a while, graduated college, and both moved to Japan at different times. We again met during our time in Japan through mutual friends, however it wasn't until I moved back to Austin where he and I started to talk via messenger. That's when we spent a few months talking to each other nonstop and when he visited Austin for Christmas break from Japan, we met up for a third time and fireworks flew on New Years Eve night. Since then it was long distance for about 8 months before he packed his stuff up and moved back home to Texas to be together.

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Q: Andrew, How did you propose to lily?

I had everything planned out for a picture perfect proposal under the cherry blossoms in a park in Tokyo, with her friends (who were also visiting Japan separately) to pop out at the end of it as a surprise! However, the weather was terrible, it was too cold for cherry blossoms, the day I planned for had a 100% chance of rain. So I scrapped that plan a day early, sent frantic text messages to all her friends, changed the location of the proposal twice as I was running around looking for a good last minute spot, and finally settled on a nice forest walk on the way to a Japanese shrine, under the guise of "taking a walk together with my friend I wanted her to meet". In the end, everything worked out great, I pulled her off the main road to a cute, secluded forest path, her friends hiding in plain sight (Lily had no idea), proposed, and her friends popped out with perfect timing. It was definitely an experience to remember.

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Lily & Andrew,

It was an honor being your wedding photographer. I hope your marriage grows throughout the years in to something even more amazing from this day forward. I pray you lean on each other in hard times and share in laughter with one another in the good times. I pray that god will bless you both with health and many years together and enjoying each other’s company. It is such a blessing to be able to work with such amazing couples such as yourselves.

With Love,


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Floral design: Currents Decor & Design • Venue: Villa Antonio • bride’s dress: BHLDN (BHLDN Houston) • Bridesmaids dresses: Azazie • Bride’s shoes: Besty Johnson - Bridal Line (Adley) • Cake: Kacey’s Cakes • Catering: Rosemary’s Catering • DJ: DJ Bryne Rock • Groom’s suit and groomsmens’ suits: HOLA HongKong • Beauty: Foundry Salon • Bride’s Perfume: Mimosa by Commodity • Photographer: Lyndsay Lyon PhotographyRentals: Olive & Bell