I get to capture the love between people and I can’t express enough how grateful I am for the opportunity to capture such intimate moments for my clients. My work is very rewarding and I am so honored to share my passion with others. Knowing that my work will give my clients memories to cherish for generations to come truly is something I pour my heart in to. Whether it means bustling a dress or fixing wind-blown hair, it is my ultimate goal to love and serve my clients to the very best of my ability in any given situation...and then photograph the joy they have with the one they love. I love sharing with the world how I see its’ beauty and I’m humbled by God’s blessings in my life and my business. To him, I am grateful for all things.
— Lyndsay Lyon

Hi, I’m Lyndsay!

I love meeting newly engaged couples—hearing their stories on how they meant or how God perfectly aligned their stars to be together. It’s truly magical—I love capturing those connections on camera, that emotion I feel when I hear a couples story and how I can reflect that with photography. I believe we are here to love and build meaningful and lasting relationships. I believe I’m here to capture that beauty, and I hold that role with tremendous gratitude.

I thank God for the path that lead to the growth of my Photography company, and the love I have for my everyday career. This has been a five year prayer answered, starting with my first day at Texas State University, my last day upon graduating with a four year Photography Degree, to my 1st photo on the first wedding, to my 500,000th photo on my most recent wedding—I stand humbled and honored to capture your wedding day and I thank God for making my dream come true. Here’s to another year living out my passion 🥂📷👰🏼.



My Must Haves


Squats + STRIDES

I don’t get a chance to workout everyday, but when I get my body moving, I definitely feel at my best. I don’t beat myself up if I can’t get to it during a busy day. I enjoy running (shoutout to the Nike Running app & Coach Bennett) and the 3-4 times a week weight training circuits in the gym. There’s just something about breaking a sweat that proves to myself that I can accomplish goals I set my mind to and the collection of these uncomfortable moments of pain, sweat and muscle soreness collectively motivate me to push through phases of life when it may be difficult. I’m not perfect, but I’m learning how important it is to show up for yourself & not to break promises you make while going after your goals.


Puppy Love

I love my time with my pup, Ranger—he’s a 100 lb rot/doberman mix with a heart of gold. He looks like an awkward middle school boy, trying to run for the first time—which makes him the best running partner. I love his undying commitment and his goofy pup-smile after a long run. My mornings aren’t complete without running by the lake with Ranger. Did I mention Ranger is my neighbors’ dog—HAHA—I’m still waiting on my call as a professional dog runner!


Interior design

I’ve always been drawn to designing a space with the intent to create a fun and relaxing home. My love of interior design mixed with my introduction to Marie Kondo and the purchase of our new home near the lake just NorthWest of Austin has turned in to an experience I’ve truly been enjoying. I consider the home of my husband and I a story and is a reflection of the people we are and the places we travel together. You know what sparks joy for me? What sparks joy for me is the feeling I get when I’m curled up on the couch with my husband in the space we’ve created together. It’s a very gratifying thing to have a house and create a home together with the man I love. Things that you can find in every room: shades of blue, a sea of textured textiles, marble, gold accents, mirrors, candles, and framed photography of me and the hubby. I mean, how could I not? Framing your photos is a good way to begin making a space your own!


Lovin’ Lattes

I’ve never been a fan of black coffee, but a well-made latte can get me through the day. There’s just something about the frothy burst of energy that gives me the boost I need to get me through my grind. May your coffee kick in before reality does.


TJMaxx + Homegoods

So TJMaxx and Homegoods are soul mates, but somehow I’m caught in the middle of their relationship. They both want me and I can’t choose. I WANT IT ALL. That shopping high is R-E-A-L.


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