I’m a small town girl living the big dreams in the city lights, this is truly a dream come true. I love sharing with the world how I see its’ beauty! I’m humbled by God’s blessing for my family and my business. To him, I’m grateful for all things.
— Lyndsay Lyon

Hi, I’m Lyndsay!

I love meeting newly engaged couples—hearing their stories on how they meant or how God perfectly aligned their stars to be together. It’s truly magical—I love capturing those connections on camera, that emotion I feel when I hear a couples story and how I can reflect that with photography. I believe we are here to love and build meaningful and lasting relationships. I believe I’m here to capture that beauty, and I hold that role with tremendous gratitude. I thank God for the path that lead to the growth of my Photography company, and the love I have for my everyday career. This has been a five year prayer answered, starting with my first day at Texas State University, my last day upon graduating with a four year Photography Degree, to my 1st photo on the first wedding, to my 500,000th photo on my most recent wedding—I stand humbled and honored to capture your wedding day and I thank God for making my dream come true. Here’s to another year living out my passion 🥂📷👰🏼.



My Must Haves



Lounges + LAttes Babyyy

But seriously, I can’t function without it…I’m really trying to workout everyday. Sometimes I get it done and sometimes life gets in the way—but I’m doing my best, can I get an amen???


My Favorite quote from IMAM ALI

“Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.”


Fire-lit evenings with wine and chocolate

I know this isn’t original but I absolutely love a real fire crackling in the background while I chat with a friend over wine and sweets!


I would sell my soul to TJ Maxx if I could

I absolutely love this store, I legitimately get a shopping high every-time I go.


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