Oak Vows

At Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock, TX with Kwes + Heather

This amazing wedding between Heather & Kwes started out giving everyone a bit of a worry with a few drops of water falling down on the ceremony site. However, the rain stopped just in time to get these two down the isle and just in time for them to each say their vows to one another. They say a little rain on your wedding day is actually good luck and by all means, It was a wedding day miracle! Nothing could stop these two from getting married and their ceremony and reception was absolutely a success!

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How Heather & Kwes met (in Heather's words):

We actually met through a mutual friend, one of my Matrons of Honor at the wedding. I was at her twenty first birthday party when I noticed this tall handsome guy walk in. Of course me being shy and not liking to talk to strangers at this point in my life just quietly went about the night, but kinda kept an eye on him. I didn’t think he noticed me or seemed interested and I had to leave early for work the next day so I left and didn’t think much of it. Of course as girls do I told our mutual friend about the handsome stranger a few days later, and her being a good friend, she decided to play matchmaker and set something up without us knowing. About a week later she asks me to help her move out of her apartment and who would happen to show up, the guy from the party. So we got to talking and come to find out the reason he stayed away that night was because I was taking care of a very inebriated friend who was very upset and kept yelling that the same mutual friend wouldn’t make out with her. So he decided to stay away from that hot mess. But once we started talking we just clicked very well, and a few days later he asked me out on our first date!
— Heather
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The Proposal (In Heather's words)

Our engagement was actually kinda funny and sweet, I feel like he did a really good job, especially with me not being as cooperative as he would of liked! We had been dating for almost four years and he knew that I was getting very anxious, it may of been the obvious hints and pinterest boards that gave it away but who knows. So for my birthday/four year anniversary he wanted to go up to Eagle Nest, New Mexico for a nice vacation. So we left with Kwes’s parents and sisters to stay a week at their family cabin. The first couple of days we all got settled in and all hung out and played a bunch of games and had a little to drink. The second night we were their I had a little bit too much to drink and by the end of the night Kwes wanted to cuddle on the couch, well apparently I was feeling a little ornery and told him I didn’t want to cuddle because I didn’t have a ring, just kidding around of course. Well he didn’t get the joking vibe I got a “really?” look that made more sense the next day. The next day we get up at 5 in the morning to go zip lining through the mountains, which I am terrified of heights and falling, so this was a big one for me. But we actually had a blast! We get back to the cabin and everyone is exhausted, and at this point all I want to do is take a nap. Well Kwes turns to me and says that he wants to go and take a nice family picture since we are all together. A little bit of a backstory here, Kwes hates pictures! Anytime we have to take pictures for anything it’s a small battle, that usually ends up in the what I call the “Chandler Bing” face (from Friends). So knowing that, I was a little perturbed at the fact that right at this moment we had to get dressed up and take pictures, you know right after we pretty much just faced death and flew down the side of a giant mountain on a rope. But after some moaning and groaning, and a few choice words, I decided to go along with it and got ready. So we go out and Kwes decides that he , the man who never wants to take a picture, wants to take it at the highest part of the mountain and right on the ledge. Again afraid of heights I reluctantly agreed. So we start taking the pictures and it’s just me and Kwes in the pictures at this point with his mom taking them and his sister standing right behind her fiddling with something. I started to notice something was going on because we were talking like 2 minutes on just me and Kwes in the same spot and they were all giving each other strange looks, the whole time Kwes’s sister is still fiddling with something behind their moms back. Then, Kwes’s mom decided she wanted a few of me by myself, so Kwes went to stand next to them and I saw his sister hand him something. The next thing I know, Kwes is right next to me down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I was so incredibly happy and excited and just a gigantic ball of emotions that I said yes and without even thinking about it, I grabbed him close. Kwes will say I snatched it (like a Hobbit), the ring from his hands without giving him the chance to put it on my finger first. Come to find out, Kwes had the ring and been planning this beautiful proposal for months! Also, I found out later from his sister who had been fiddling with something behind their mom’s back, was actually put the ring and the box down her shirt to hide it and it had gotten stuck, and that’s why we were taking the same picture over and over again. Besides our wedding day, that day was the best day of my life, I am so grateful that I get to call him my husband and we get to share each and everyday together. I wouldn’t of had it any other way!
— Heather
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Heather & Kwes,

 I am so happy to have had y'all each as my amazing clients & I am so grateful that you chose me to cover your special day! It was such a great time getting to know your love story and to see what truly makes you each so in love with each other. I had such an amazing time with your friends and family-everyone made me feel so welcomed and a part of the celebration. I am truly happy for you two. My wish is that when you look through your photos from your wedding day, you'll always be reminded of how amazing of a day it was. My prayer for you each is that when you get in your first argument (& it will happen), I hope you can both take a look through these photos together and remember all the feelings of love you have for each other and how much fun you can have with one another each day. My wish for you both is that as every day that goes by, you genuinely remember the feelings that were so obvious on your wedding day and make your best effort to show the other person that they are your number one priority over anyone else. I consider myself blessed to have y'all in my life & I can'twait to see where life takes you on your journey together. God bless you both & don't be strangers!

With Love,


A special thanks to all the amazing vendors who made this wedding possible:

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

Venue: Lone Oak Barn

Florals: Foxglove & Grace

Coordination: Foxglove & Grace

Catering: PoK-e-Jo's

DJ & Photo Booth: Complete Weddings

Makeup & Hair: Muah & Co. 

Wedding Cake: Classic Cakes by Lori

Cobbler: Iron Works BBQ (Hand scooped in Mason Jars)

Rentals: Monarch Event Rentals 

Wedding Dress Boutique: Belle Saison Bridal

Wedding Dress: Allure Romance

Bride's Boots : Cavenders

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal (in Biscotti)

Groom & Groomsmen Suits Location: Men's Warehouse

Groom & Groomsmen Suit Brand: Awearness Kenneth Cole