Bride Swipes Mr. Right!

At Rustic Ranch in Wimberly, TX with Dylan + Ashley

In regards to the dating scene in the world right now, can I just be the first one to call out the elephant in the room? Finding true love these days seems to be awfully difficult & dating through an app often seems like a bit disconnected and impersonal, but also tends to be one of the only ways people like to initially connect in today’s busy world. I mean, let’s face it - a rather intimidating number of people on the internet don’t ever end up together forever, or even for more than a date or two. Online dating is notorious these days for terms like ‘catfishing’, ‘ghosting’ ‘sliding into the DM’ & even ‘submarining’ (I promise, they are all ‘a thing’, look them up!) With the app called Tinder, over 40 million people are trying to find love and It’s a popular culture that is now the norm in the dating arena. With the amount of people using the app, you’d think the success rate would be a bit higher for ‘matches’ ending up together, but often times, individuals will create a profile knowing full well they aren’t emotionally available for a relationship & are just looking to meet new attractive people. Let’s face it, Tinder has a bad wrap and is often known more for finding heartbreak than it is for finding your forever.

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However, I am here to genuinely restore your faith in humanity and especially for everyone out there who needs to have their faith restored in the modern way of dating, through an app, that has become so prevalent. The universal desire that most people deep down are longing for - to find someone to spend their life with - it still exists. Right here, ladies and gentleman, I bring you a remarkable story of Ashley & Dylan. Anyone that knows these two knows the love they share and it is evident whenever they walk in to the room.

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Their story all started by swiping right. Both Dylan & Ashley had Tinder profiles to possibly find a date with someone they would be interested in & after not having any luck, they were both about go delete the app. Just before ditching the app, they both stumbled on each other’s profiles & swiped RIGHT.

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They talked briefly on the app and Ashley messaged Dylan back one last time & told him she would be deleting the app & if he wanted to talk to her, he could text her and go from there. Well, Dylan also deleted the app & because he thought she was absolutely stunning, he pursued her request to text her instead. Their first date was actually to a bonfire with Dylan’s friends & they hit it off flawlessly. As time went on, there were several more dates they enjoyed together and before they knew it, they were committed to each other and truly in love.

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After hundreds of dates and two and a half years later, Dylan just knew Ashley was going to be his wife. Dylan saved up and bought a ring and actually ended up proposing on their second year of being official & even had Ashley’s mom hold the ring for him for three months so she wouldn’t find out. His plan to propose he wanted to be a surprise & that is exactly what it was! Ashley & Dylan went on a family vacation with Ashley’s family & in front of everyone (including Dylan’s mother via FaceTime), he got down on one knee & asked Ashley to be his wife. She was thrilled he had asked & immediately said YES! Looking back on that day, when Ashley swiped right, little did they know, she was really swiping Mr. RIGHT!

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When Ashley and I met at the Bridal Extravaganza last Summer, we talked for quite a while. We hit it off immediately as she told me the details of what she had in mind for her and Dylan’s wedding. She explained the venue was Kevin Fowler's venue in the beautiful Texas hill country & she was overjoyed to tell me each detail. I loved talking with her that day & I just knew we would be a good fit. They rocked their Engagement Session & it was such a pleasure to get to know these two!

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Ashley & Dylan,

It was such a blessing being your wedding photographer! I really enjoyed our time together & your wedding was absolutely perfect! For the record, Ashley, you looked gorgeous in your wedding dress & I hope you both had the most amazing day. I’m so in awe of how you two met & it really gives me faith in the modern dating world. I truly consider you both as a blessing in my life & I hope you can enjoy your photographs that captured your big day for generations to come! If you two ever get in to an argument, just look back & remember this day and how much love you share together. Remember to brush off the small stuff & choose to love on days when it’s hard. I believe the Lord will bless you two in your years to come! Don’t be strangers & be sure to keep in touch!

With Love,


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He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.
— Proverbs 18:22

Special thanks to the following vendors who made this day possible:

Venue: Rustic Ranch

Photographer: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

Flowers, Catering & Decor: Dream Events

Hair & Make-Up: Adore Makeup Boutique & Salon

Cake: Classic Cakes By Lori

DJ: Toast Entertainment

Rentals: Amelia's Weddings

Bride's Dress Brand: Morilee

Bridal Salon: Debi’s Bridal Salon

Bride's Wedding Boots: Corral (Style:Martina White)

Bride's Perfume name & brand: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Bridesmaids' Dress brand: Lulu’s

Groom & Groomsmen Suit Brand: Men's Wearhouse

Bride’s Ring: Stone Creek Jeweler

Groom’s Ring: Staghead Designs

Groom’s Belt: Slades Saddle Shop