Farm and Fresh

At Reneau Farm's Wedding in New Braunfels, Texas with Brandon + Sarah

The smell of flowers filled the air as I walked up the steps of a quaint, but welcoming house that was perfectly placed on the property of Reneau Farms. I knew that New Braunfels, Texas was a great town and as I stopped on the spacious patio to take it all in, I looked in to the horizon & my thoughts were confirmed. I could see nothing but the Texas hill county as the sun perfectly hit the green grass. I had never been to this venue before, but it immediately began to make a good impression as I smelled the fresh cut grass, I could see the property was well maintained. This was going to be a great wedding day.

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 Contagious laughter filled the air as Sarah, the bride, and her closest friends were getting dolled up for the big day. Everything was perfectly ready to go-bridesmaids dresses steamed, flowers all bundled in to each bouquet & perfume just waiting to be sprayed. The bead work that decorated Sarah's wedding dress was absolutely stunning. 


Little did Brandon know, that while he was getting in to his suit to prepare for the big day, Sarah had just read the words he had written for her moments before they were about to walk down the isle. Tears of joy rolled down her face as she read his words and the realization of what was about to happen started to sink in. She began to smile again!


The bridesmaids were quick to help Sarah make sure she was absolutely perfect and ready to walk down the isle.  The spacious white patio was the perfect place for the 'First Look' between Sarah & her father. 


Friends and family gathered to witness the beautiful ceremony between Sarah & Brandon. The gorgeous scenery of the farm painted the backdrop with old chapel stained glass windows behind the alter. As their promises of love to one another were proclaimed, a few tears were shed and a long awaited kiss to seal the deal was embraced by both the bride and groom. As soon as they kissed to make it official, they began to smile from ear to ear and their closest friends and family stood to their feet to cheer them on as they walked down the isle as newlyweds for the very first time! 


As the sun set, the couple enjoyed the gorgeous Texas hill country views as guests were entertained with a few drinks and taking snapshots of themselves to put in the couple's guest book. Everyone celebrated with the couple as the daylight began to slip below the horizon. 


To Sarah & Brandon, The connection between you was truly authentic-full of smiles and gentle gestures towards one another-only the kind of interaction that is between two people who truly love each other. You both looked at each other with eyes that said "I got the better end of the deal!" Thank you for allowing me to serve you on your big day & I truly wish you both the very best marriage. Cheers to a long & happy life together!

With Love,

Lyndsay Lyon


The Wedding Team...

Planner: Blaize , Bailee & Hamila from Lively Events

Photographer: Lyndsay Lyon & Madalyn Lyon

Venue: Reneau Farms

Catering: Teka Molino

Floral Design: The Flower Girl

DJ: Toast Entertainment

Beauty Artist: Emmie Ambrose

Cake: 2Tarts

Officiant: Michael (Uncle)

Vintage Rentals: CRU

Rentals: Peerless