Botanical Beauties

At the San Antonio Botanical Gardens & The Pearl with Jennifer + Brian

Let me just start by saying this blog post will be a bit difficult for me to write without a few happy tears landing on my keyboard as I type. Six years ago, I was studying to get my degree in Photography from Texas State University. During my years in college, I met hundreds and hundreds of people, on campus, through classes, organizations and mutual friends. However, only a handful of friends have truly stuck by my side throughout the years following college. Often, my dedication to making my business come to life has also come with a certain degree of sacrifice. For me, that sacrifice came in the form of little to no social life being that I was working a full time job on top of running my photography business.

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Friendship is not about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and then proved it.
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There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better. When Jennifer and I met, we immediately hit it off (Yes, Brian, I met her first, remember that!). During those years of me giving up much of my social life to pull ‘all nighters’ editing a client’s gallery during the work week, Jennifer stayed in touch with me. Even when we lived in different cities and it would be easy to forget about each other. She stayed in touch & I really appreciated knowing we would pick up just where we left off every time we were able to meet up in person.

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We took a girl’s trip that summer down to the coast to celebrate 4th of July. I consider it such a blessing to have Jennifer as a true friend in my life and she’s seen my business grow throughout the years. She’s the kind of person you can just be honest with, & she will give it to you straight. She’s the friend everyone needs. She’s the kind of person you can sing at the top of your lungs with while driving along the coast with the windows down or have a late night belly laugh with because of how crazy life is. This gorgeous lady was a bridesmaid in my wedding just last year & gave a speech that brought me to tears in front of my closest friends and family. She’s the kind of person who would rent a UHAUL with me just to load it up with antique furniture for my wedding in San Antonio and drive up to Austin with me to help unload it!

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Seriously, I have officially hit the jackpot of friends with this woman. Years ago, when Jennifer first began telling me about this “amazing guy she met named Brian”, I was excited to meet him, but I also wondered if he had what it took to not only handle Jennifer’s bold & loving self, but I had questions. Did he deserve to call my dear friend his girlfriend? Would he treat her right? Was this the love that would make my friend light up for life?

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I eventually met Brian & got to know a bit about his background, began to see his character and started to really enjoy his personality. Let me tell you, I’m a pretty strict “boyfriend-acceptor” for my friends, because I truly know how valuable each of my friends are and that they deserve to be treated with respect, support, comfort & a deep love no one can explain other than it being a '“God thing” that brings the two together.

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Well, Brian, this is a bit overdue I assume, but I’ll go on and announce here publicly for the world to read - I wholeheartedly accept you as Jennifer’s other half. You may be reading this as a joke, but as I sit here typing about your amazing fiance and my friend Jennifer, I am holding back tears knowing that you have crossed paths for a reason & that your relationship is very much a blessing.

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Let me tell you Brian, from behind the scenes, from my eyes and from what I have experienced as her friend, I have heard Jennifer share her hopes, dreams and feelings regarding her life with you. The smiles that radiate from her face when she speaks your name is a sure sign of how happy she is when she is around you & I have no doubt with love and hard work, you will live a very happy life together.

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I am honored to know you both & it is my privilege and honor to be your wedding photographer during this chapter of your new life together as it unfolds.

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Jennifer & Brian,

Wow. Y’all are going to be married! If I was with you now Jennifer, I’d jump up and down in excitement for you and how you found your Mr. Right (Insert: Brian rolling eyes in corner while sipping on a beer). In all honestly though, to both of you, never forget that the relationship you have will go through highs and lows, but above it all- it is a BLESSING. I pray the stresses of this world will not break the bond you have together and that you are always able to see the good in the other, especially when it is difficult. Those times will strengthen your relationship the most. I hope these last few months leading up to the wedding are a source of peace and a great time to bond with each other & you are able to go on a few last dates as an amazing engaged couple before you tie the knot. I am beyond words excited for the big day & Zach & I cannot wait to be there to capture all the wonderful emotions from your wedding in December! To my dear friends, I love you & wish you the very best. Can’t wait!

With Love,


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Interesting Facts:

- Brian absolutely LOVES botanical gardens & even has had memberships to different gardens in the past. For the record, San Antonio Botanical Gardens is gorgeous!

-Jennifer & Brian will be getting married in late December at the Randolph Air Force Base Chapel & have their reception at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio.

-Brian is an Air force pilot & so is my father. In fact, my dad was a flight instructor at Randolph AFB in San Antonio for several years & Brian often flies in to the same base sometimes, so it’s second nature to me being on base near the airplanes. Crossing my fingers for access to the airplanes on the day of the wedding! (A girl can dream, okay!)

-This will be my first wedding to be a bridesmaid & also the photographer & I am considering creating a post to show how to do this successfully. Let me know if you’d be interested in knowing how I’m planning on doing both jobs well!