Southwest School of Art Sophisticated Southern Wedding

Shane + Emily

I am in constant awe of how much of a blessing my job is y'all. Photographing a couple in love is truly a blessing & when that couple happens to be either family or friends of mine already, well, that is just like an extra cherry on top and is especially amazing to be able to do. Well, my older sister, Shannah is married to a great guy named Clint. When Clint's sister, Emily became engaged last year, she reached out to me wanting to talk about wedding photography. I was more than excited to work with her and her fiance, Shane. I was even more excited when they decided that the gorgeous Southwest School of Art was the perfect location for their big day. I immediately thought “this will be one classy wedding!” & oh my goodness, it sure was! This wedding was filled with sophistication & class. There are a two reasons in particular this wedding meant a lot to me on a more personal level than most. Let me explain.


The first reason this gorgeous wedding was very important to me is that over the years of going to events to celebrate my sister, Shannah and/ or Clint, Emily has been there to celebrate them as well. Emily & I were both bridesmaids in the wedding of my sister and her brother. We both helped to put on a baby shower when Shannah & Clint announced they were having a baby. Emily & I were both waiting together in the lounge of the hospital when Shannah & Clint their first child, Carter. Naturally, this makes me feel as though Emily & I are sisters in a sense. We both love and pray and wish the best for the same people in our lives and I greatly appreciate our friendship that has developed throughout the years. So, I can say that a bond of friendship with the sweet bride, Emily, is the number one reason this wedding meant so much to me. I am so happy she has met her love and found a man to create a life with. I am eagerly excited for Shane & Emily’s future and for all the adventures in their lives that lie ahead. 

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Before I tell you my second reason for this wedding meaning so much to me, let me explain to you how gorgeous this wedding was y’all! The ceremony was at the Southwest School of Art & every detail was so well thought of! Talk about a Southern Bride’s dream! Everything came together so well. The bridesmaids enjoyed their time getting ready together and enjoying mimosas while listening to a good playlist of course & Emily gifted each girl with a pair of gorgeous earrings and matching pink and white silk pajamas, which I thought was such a cute touch! Emily attached her bow broach from her Great Grandmother, Nana to her bouquet because she knew that she was watching down on this very special day in her life. She also had a photo of her grandparents on their wedding day to remind her of the love they shared and poured in to her life throughout the years. The ceremony site was stunning with florals and chandeliers hanging from the alter area as if to frame the space where Emily & Shane were to be married. Hundreds of beads adorned the ivory heels Emily slipped in to and as she spritz her wrists with fragrance, I couldn’t help but notice it was the same perfume I’ve long considered to be one of my personal favorites - TOCCA Simone.


As each button was buttoned, every tie was tied & tightened, each pair of shoes slipped on and wedding attire was put on, Emily & Shane decided to see each other for the first time with a private First Look.


They wanted time to just be with each other, just after getting ready for the day and with no one else around. They shared a romantic moment just before saying their vows & it was beautiful. Shane was stunned by how gorgeous his bride looked in her wedding dress & continued giving her compliments on how ready he was to marry her. This is why I love my job right here y’all - to see the joy of a groom as he sees his blessing, his bride. Shane’s face lit up because he was looking at the one who he will love and commit to throughout life. This is my favorite feeling to capture - true connections between others.

There were 2 sweet flower girls named Piper & Kate that joined Carter going down the aisle. Piper & Carter rode as wagon mates down the aisle as Kate pulled them along- how adorable is this y’all? These perfect little group even had a live harp performance while making their debut down the isle to introduce the bride.


She walked down the aisle with her dad and had a smile from ear to ear. They held hands and made their vows to one another at the altar as every eye looked in their direction. They couldn’t keep their eyes off one another all throughout the ceremony and throughout their vows. And just like that, they became husband and wife. Every person in attendance was clapping and celebrating as they sealed the deal with a sweet kiss. Emily & Shane were nothing but smiles as they walked back down the isle just after saying “I Do!” to one another.

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It’s official - this is one of the first looks at Mr. & Mrs. Nelson for the first time walking down the aisle! My job never ceases to amaze & I may or may not have taken this photo with a tear in my eye from happiness for this pair!


The second reason why this wedding was so special to me is because my nephew, Carter, was the ring-bearer y'all! Let me tell you, I photograph dozens of little boys and girls dressed up to the nines on wedding days & they are all adorable, but y'all, I'm telling you, he was the cutest stinkin Ring-Bearer I've ever seen. I understand I'm being biased, but hey, you are reading MY page :) The ceremony was absolutely stunning, but y’all, the most adorable thing happened after Shane & Emily made it official. Carter wanted to be held by Emily & refused to go to anyone else. I snagged some cute shots of that sweet moment that Emily was joyfully taking in with her sweet nephew - OUR sweet nephew #auntlife. I know the unique joy of getting sweet cuddles from your adorable nephew & I could only imagine how multiplied with happiness that moment must’ve felt to Emily on her wedding day. I mean, y’all, just look at these:

Pictured above is my sister, Shannah and her husband, Clint. Clint is Emily’s brother. Their son, Carter, was a great ring-bearer and is both mine and the bride’s nephew. Pictured below if Emily’s sweet sister, Claire & her boyfriend, Peyton.

Pictured above is my sister, Shannah and her husband, Clint. Clint is Emily’s brother. Their son, Carter, was a great ring-bearer and is both mine and the bride’s nephew. Pictured below if Emily’s sweet sister, Claire & her boyfriend, Peyton.

Sweet Kate pictured above, proud to be a flower girl (above, left) Bride’s stunning mother, Jane with her fiance David (above, right).

Sweet Kate pictured above, proud to be a flower girl (above, left) Bride’s stunning mother, Jane with her fiance David (above, right).

Shane & Emily had a pretty amazing bridal party and look how sharp the navy suits look with this blush pink bridesmaids gowns! Also, it is my firm belief in giving flower girls a flower crown y’all - look how adorable sweet Kate looks in her flower crown looking up at Emily!


It is always a pleasure working with Lola Beauty & I am always amazed at how the makeup and hairstyles last through the entire night! This wedding was no different & the beauty team had these gals looking fabulous the entire day and night! It is also a pleasure working alongside the talented Kennan from Foxglove & Grace - her skills with floral event planning and execution is nothing short of genius & I am blown away with how well she adapts her craft to her surroundings to create such an unforgettable experience for each couple. Also, I have to include a special thanks to Julia & Alice from Treasure House Planning for managing the coordination for this wedding - every detail was so well thought of & was absolutely breathtaking!

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It was truly a blessing being able to come together and celebrate Emily & Shane on their wedding day & for close family and friends to create new memories together. The reception hall was extremely romantic with tables lined with glowing candles and tall overflowing floral centerpieces with fresh blooms. The gold chiavari chairs were the perfect touch of elegance and class that also matched perfectly to the gold chandeliers hanging down to dimly set the mood for the evening. Sunlight gently slid through the stained glass windows in the main reception hall of Southwest School of Art. What a breathtaking banquet hall for the wedding reception. All silverware was shined, candles lit & ready to host a magnificent celebration for the newlywed couple. Of course I’m fitting in a few extra adorable photos of my sweet nephew, Carter, as he ran in between each table in the reception hall because I mean, look how adorable he is in his Ring-Bearer uniform.

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The newly married couple was introduced to clapping and cheering guests as they danced for the first time as husband and wife. They also enjoyed dancing with their parents just before toasts were given. The speeches were hilarious and Emily’s sister, Claire may have made Emily tear up a bit with her sweet words. A delicious dinner of Beef Tenderloin and an herb & parmesan breaded chicken was served to guests by Anne Marie’s catering.


The dance floor was full the entire night & the bridesmaids all danced together to none other than Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”. Naturally, the guys finished dancing to the song because they also wanted their spotlight.


The wedding cake was absolutely stunning & created by Saweet Cupcakes. Shane explained how big a Bills fan he is & his Groom’s cake, which was created by Haley Cakes & Cookies was the perfect place to show off his favorite team!

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After dancing for hours and celebrating Emily & Shane, the guests gathered down the stairs from the venue to the Riverwalk. The pair had a memorable “get away” car because it was not a car at all. They upgraded to a night cruise on a river boat y’all - that whisked them away on the downtown Riverwalk to end the night and float them to their honeymoon suite!


Emily & Shane,

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Thank you for choosing Zach & me to photograph your special day. I am so excited for y’all to go on adventures together throughout life & see how much the Lord blesses you and your marriage. Your wedding was such an unforgettable event that brought many people together & truly was such a dream from the beginning until the very end! All the months of planning and coordinating, it all came together perfectly & now you are husband and wife. Emily, you were such a stunning bride! Zach & I are here to tell you, - you have another couple who will pray for you and support you along the way as you navigate the joys and challenges of married life. If I could summarize the most honest advice I was given from several sources when I was married was to pass down to y’all, it would be this:

“Marriage is beautiful, but it is also hard at times. Throughout all of life’s crazy circumstances, lean on the Lord for strength & always see the good in one another. Continue to believe in one another’s good & put the other person first. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your spouse to do. Always find new ways to love one another. Don’t take yourself too seriously & leave room for laughter - create it as much as you can - cultivate a home of fun & kindness.”

May you find joy being in the company of one another forever. I know your home will be filled with love, laughter, friends & family for years to come & I am so excited for you two! Thank you again for giving us the honor of photographing such a meaningful wedding & don’t be strangers! It’s been a pleasure getting to know each of you more throughout the Engagement process & you’re clearly welcome to the next BBQ we have out by the lake up here in Lago Vista! Congratulations again y’all!

With Love,

Lyndsay & Zach

Special thanks to these amazing vendors for

making Emily & Shane’s wedding come to life:

Venue: Southwest School of Art

Caterer: Anne Marie’s

Cake Baker: Saweet Cupcakes

Groom’s Cake- Hayley Cakes and Cookies

Wedding Coordinators- Treasure House- Julia White and Alice Thompson

Florist- Foxglove & Grace (Kennan)

Hair and Makeup- LoLa Beauty

Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Dress Boutique: Bella Bride Boutique

Groom and Groomsmen suits- Menguin

Chandeliers over Alter- Reese Events Group

DJ- DJ Connection  

Videographer- Say “I Do” Weddings (Drew)

Harp- Harpist - Nelda Etheredge