Sacred Oaks

At Camp Lucy Sacred Oaks Wedding in Dripping Springs, Texas with Cole + Kate


Elegant. Romantic. Glamorous. Genuine. These are the first words that come to mind when trying to describe this amazing wedding day at Camp Lucy. Kate was absolutely breathtaking in her wedding dress & Cole's suit gave him just the perfect amount of gentleman touch. These two were so eager to tie the knot & in the calmest of ways, it showed. A sense of assurance was in the air and not one nerve seemed to be on edge. It was as if they had known it would happen this magically their entire life & it was only a matter of time. 



They stood at the alter, hands held, eyes locked on the other & hearts overflowing with love. You could see the happiness in their eyes and in the slight upward curl created by the side of their lips as each minute seemed to slow down in that moment. The moment they would both commit to stand by one another for better or for worse for the rest of their lives. Sweeping in like a morning fog, a sense of serene sense of peace surrounded the two as they verbally confessed their love and devotion for one another. The couple soon sealed the deal with a kiss & the joyous audience, filled with all their V.I.P. guests, began to stand to their feet & applaud Kate & Cole's new marriage.


The sheer excitement of that moment carried over to each member of the couple's Bridal party as they enjoyed photos with the newlyweds in the field a short walk away. 


The reception for these two was off the charts fun which included a personal serenade by Kate's 10 year old sister, Amy. She beautifully sang 'At Last' & captured the entire audience's attention! Cole and his groomsman had the most epic dance off that was extremely encouraged by friends and family as they were cheered on. The most glamorous part of the night came when Kate changed out of her dress and slipped in to a clean white capri pant suit with killer gold stilettos to rock out the rest of the night. I'm telling you, she looked so absolutely fabulous, Beyonce would've been taking notes people! The send off was filled with sparklers as Cole perfectly dipped Kate & I was pretty impressed because I'm telling you, those heels the gorgeous bride was wearing were high! Fantastic couple. Extremely amazing ceremony & friends and family that wouldn't stop celebrating until they were told the lights would be shut off. Congrats you two! 



Kate & Cole, 

  Thank you for choosing me to capture your big day. I am so honored to have you each as clients & I cannot wait to see where this life takes you together. I am so happy you were able to go to Ireland for your honeymoon! I'm not going to lie, I was a bit jealous when I heard about all the fun you two were going to have- especially the skydiving over the Ireland rolling hills. I bet you truly had the best time ever. Your wedding day was a reminder to me that true love is one of the most valuable things a person can have in this life & yet, no one can purchase this type of genuine relationship. Just like the new growth on the little tree you watered during your ceremony, be sure to constantly feed your relationship with goodness and kindness as well and it will surely grow. Hey, I don't have all the answers to a perfect marriage & I've only been married for less than a year. I can say, however, be sure to remember what a special gift you have in one another &  if you ever get in to any type of disagreement, have a dance off to settle it- you can't be arguing when the person your life partner has the moves just right! I love y'all both & am excited to grow with you as a couple as you enjoy this new and blessed chapter of your lives together.

Cheers to you both Mr. & Mrs. Stapp! 


With Love, 

Lyndsay Lyon

Special thanks to all of the fabulous vendors who made this wedding a reality for Kate & Cole!

The Creative Team:

Wedding Planner: Tracy Collins 

Venue: Camp Lucy Sacred Oaks

Florist: Whim Floral

Cake: Sweet Treets Bakery

Caterer: Whim Catering  

DJ & Lighting: Toast Entertainment (Walter)

Hair + Make-up: Mission Stylehouse (Michelle)

Video: Ladybird

Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Officiant: Jimmy Cobb (childhood pastor)

Rentals: Whim Rentals

Hotel & Shuttles: Holiday Inn- Dripping Springs

Send Off Car: ExecuTesla