Romantic Gardens

At the Hummingbird House in Manchaca, TX with R.P. + Tiffney


I am so happy to show y'all this bright and lush wedding today! This couple has the most amazing story & we can all thank an unsuspecting app called Snapchat for this union. Let me explain. The gorgeous bride, Tiffney works for Whole Foods and R.P. is a personal trainer - both living in Austin. As Tiffney explains, a girl who grew up with R.P. began working with her at Whole Foods & they hit it off and instantly became friends. Her friend sent Tiffney a snapchat of her early morning workout at 5 a.m. & R.P. was also in the video working out as usual. This was the first time Tiffney laid eyes on R.P. She only saw him for a few seconds and then the image disappeared. Tiffney, however, liked what she saw and responded to her friend by saying "I'd wake up at 5 a.m. for that!"  Soon after the Snapchat, her friend set up a "Spontaneous" day out at Common Fords, a park located in West Austin that lines the lake. She also invited R.P. & when the two met, they couldn't help but be drawn to each other. Time went by so fast because they were having such a great time in each other's company, and as the sun began to set, they realized they had been together for the entire day. Well, they had many many more days filled with fun together and well, the rest is history.  


Tiffney & R.P. had an intimate moment to themselves before the ceremony and she was so excited to show him  her wedding gown. How amazing is her Hayley Paige dress?!? 


Q: Tiffney, How did R.P. pop the question? 

I'm going to try and do this justice but the day was indescribable. The original plan was for RP to propose on Friday. He had everything all planned out, we were going to go to dinner, drinks and then surprise visit from my family, however my parents flight was cancelled so everyone scrambled and switched everything to Saturday. RP's sister's birthday was that weekend so the plan was to go meet up with them from Brunch. We were on our way to brunch, but we were early so we were going to stop for a mimosa before hand. We showed up to hotel San Jose (one of my favorite places in Austin, and one of our first dates), and started walking to the back. We turned the corner and there on the ground are a runway of rose petals leading to a table with pictures of us, flowers, and a sign that said "will you marry me?". When we got down to the table, he got down on one knee and proposed. We were hugging and kissing and taking pictures when all of a sudden my parents and sisters come out from behind a wall. Since we all live in different states (Ohio and North Caroline), I never excepted them to be there. I couldn't believe he pulled this off & I was overwhelmed with joy! IT WAS MAGICAL!   I knew he was the one & I couldn't help but say YES!


The room was full of their greatest friends and family. Everyone dressed to the nines. Ladies in shimmering gowns. Men in tailored suits. In that moment, tears swelled in the eyes of many as the attention was on the Father of the Groom. Silence flooded the room & you could hear a pen drop. He was making a toast to his daughter and her new husband when he explained the story of how his sweet daughter was brought in to this world. "I had on my 3rd mission to Iraq serving in the military. My wife was at the beginning stages of her pregnancy and so we knew that when the baby arrived, I would be in Iraq. The deployment date came up fast and soon, it was time to go. My lovely wife would write me every single day. She would tell me about what was going on in her world-the struggles, the support she had around her and the day to day stories. Most of all, she was such an encouragement for me and supported me while I was gone. Months went by & finally, she gave birth to a perfect little girl. We named her Tiffney. I was overcome with joy and a longing to be there with each of them and spend time with my amazing wife & our perfect new baby girl. I struggled with this, but I also know I had a duty that I had committed to finish out there in Iraq. I specifically remember one night very vividly because It was the night before a mission that was going to be more dangerous. I was laying in the dessert, looking at the sky covered in stars and thinking about my beautiful wife and our sweet child. I wanted so badly to be there and to watch her grow up, teach her a thing or two about life and most of all, to love her.  I remember, right then and there, I prayed to God that He would watch over me through this mission & bring me home safely back with my family. To be honest, I didn't know if I would ever make it back. God is good & He protected me & the joy I felt the day I was reunited with my wife & my perfect new daughter was indescribable. I was overcome with gratitude, love for my family and a realization that this life & those we hold close are a true blessing and a gift from the Lord. You see, marriage is like birth, makes a new beginning. As I look at this beautiful woman before me in this lovely gown, I can't help but reflect on the girl she was and the woman she has become. She became one of "daddy's girls" on the day she was born. Throughout her life, she has brought so much joy to her mother and I. Not every day is perfect, so, when things don't go well, forgive, forgive & forgive again. Be true to each other. Share the joy of your own family. Love a lot, laugh often and become each other's best friend. Always speak well of each other - even in private. Love endures long and is patient and kind. So, I give to you, R.P., a precious gift. Protect her. Love her. Respect her. And build her up. With all my heart, your mother and I offer you and R.P. a congratulations and wish you both happiness and joy as you begin this adventure life has to offer. Please raise a glass to Tiffney & R.P.!"

In that moment, the room was filled with tears, respect and most of all, a loving support in celebration of the newlyweds. They couldn't have had anyone more important in the room than the people who all showed up that night to support and encourage them in their new marriage. Everything was perfect.  As the night went on, everyone danced with the pair and celebrated their love.    


The dance floor was packed the entire night thanks to Toast Entertainment & all the guests really enjoyed celebrating the newlyweds!


To Tiffney & R.P. , 

   It was such a blessing being able to meet you two along this great chapter in your lives. I am so honored to have been your photographer for your big day & I truly wish you both the most amazing future together. You both have an indescribable magnetic energy about you. Your friends and family were absolutely welcoming & I am so grateful for being able to meet everyone you consider your closest friends. I'm not going to lie, I teared up during Tiffney's dad's speech because I relate to having a father deployed. Times like that remind us to truly remember what is most important-the relationships we build between each other every day. Remember that when things get tough-because those times will come every now & then. I've only been married a little over one year, so I definitely don't have it all down by a long shot. However, I do know one thing - the love you have for one another is real & one of a kind. I see a lot from behind my lens & I could so plainly see that what you two have is a joyful and genuine connection that no one can break. Remember that every day & it's my prayer that you can both look back on your photos and be reminded immediately of the love and support you two have to guide your adventures big and small. May there be many many many more dance parties in the home you create together & may you each hold your relationship as a priority. Don't be strangers y'all! 


Special Thanks to all the Vendors who made this day possible:

Venue: Hummingbird House

Caterer: Peached Tortilla

Flowers: Central Market

Cake: Whole Foods Market 

Hair & Makeup: Personal Friends of Bride

DJ:  Toast (Jesse) 

Rentals: Premier Rentals - linings

Bride's Dress Brand: Hayley Paige Style 6755 Reagan SPRING 2018 Line

Bridal Store: Blush Bridal

Bride's Shoe Brand: Sam Edelman

Bride's Perfume name & brand: Angel - Mugler

Bridesmaids' Dress brand: Lulu 

Groom's Suit Brand: Men's Warehouse 

Groom's Cologne name & brand: Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio Profumo

Watch Tiffney & R.P.'s Wedding Video below