Fun in the Texas Sun- Front Yard Style

Let me just start by saying this little boy has my heart. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, maybe you’ve caught this adorable little man being featured quite a few times now. If you haven’t yet, well, welcome to your official cuteness overload post of the day. This is my nephew, Carter. He is getting older by the day & I stopped by my sister’s house in San Antonio for an impromptu visit so I could hang out. Well, Summertime in Texas is hot y’all & so we decided to do an impromptu ‘Fun in the Sun’ session in the front yard with the hose & a sprinkler. I love being around Carter because he reminds me to take joy in the little things. His curiosity and fun spirit make him such a joy to be around & I am so grateful for my sweet nephew. I mean, seriously, could he be any cuter? Still trying to convince my sister to sign this little man up for toddler modeling :)

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