Bright & Sunny

At Mckinney Falls & Seaholm District with Kevin + Taylor

Taylor & Kevin are two of the most amazing people I've ever met. They believe in true love wholeheartedly & it shows! When we first met, it was at Starbucks. We began to talk details and let me tell you - we talked about EVERYTHING! Kevin blushed while explaining the story of how he proposed & excitedly left no detail out. It was so incredible to be able to hear how they met & fell in love. I absolutely loved getting to know these two!


We were about an hour and a half in to our meeting and all of a sudden, something very peculiar happened. Just as I took a sip of my tea, time stopped for a moment & we were all completely on the same wave length. Let me explain...We talked about literally everything & somehow began talking about favorite numbers. Well, as I took a sip of my tea, they both mentioned to me that their favorite numbers are 10 & 13. I nearly spit out my drink when they told me that. Random enough it would even happen to come up in conversation, but the fact that my birthday is October 13th - (TEN.THIRTEEN people!),  I saw this as an immediate sign that we were going to get along very well. It was one of those moments where you just felt like you were exactly where I needed to be. Does that ever happen to you? I call this type of moment "a God thing" because it's almost like He did this to make us all laugh, smile & say "you're kidding, right?". The odds. Also, not only is their wedding in my birthday month, it is actually on Halloween night, which I am really looking forward to!


Can we all just take moment to look at how stunningly gorgeous Taylor's green eyes are. For the record, I have never seen eyes so green, they were made to be in front of the camera! They both rocked the session & I absolutely loved getting to know them even a bit more during our time together in the sun. Countdown to their Halloween wedding begins now! 


Q: Taylor, what’s your proposal story?

Kevin surprised me with a weekend away filled with shopping and delicious food. We drove out to San Antonio and spent the day at the river walk, eating, shopping, and visiting the local museums. That night we laid down for bed and I mentioned that something felt a little strange and asked if he needed to tell me something, he said no and tomorrow we would head home. The next day we did not head home, but toward Lost Maples park, which was absolutely beautiful! We hiked a few miles toward the top of the hill and stopped about half way to the top, going off the main trail to a cliff that overlooked the hills and trees. The view was a perfect resting point and Kevin apparently needed to scrummage through our backpack before we continued. As I enjoyed the view, he continued to dig in the backpack and ask me if I needed any water, which I declined, again. Eventually he comes out with the box. He was smiling so much, I couldn’t help but to return the same. The ring was gorgeous, but I needed to focus on what he was saying! J He told me over and over how much he loved me…sparkle sparkle….love…sparkle. I said yes!! As soon as he was able to get the ring on my puffy hiking finger, I jumped toward him, so excited he finally asked!! I had forgotten we were on the edge of a cliff, but was less than focused and rolled around kissing him while he tried to keep us from falling off. We eventually made it back to the car where he poured us a glass of champagne and we enjoyed some delicious snacks, as the sun set.