Roxanne & Ben Zedler Mill Engagement Session - Luling, Texas

At Zedler Mill Engagement Session in Luling, Texas with Ben + Roxanne


As I stepped out of the car, I realized this was no ordinary Engagement Session. I drove one hour from Austin to Luling and not quite knowing what to expect because I had never been to this location. It always is a bit of a challenge going to a place I'm unfamiliar with, but I also really enjoy challenging myself to explore new places and chase the light to capture the love between each couple. I could tell Roxanne was very excited about her and her fiance's venue, Zedler Mill & as I got out of the car, I began to understand why. The property seemed to be a few acres and rested along the beautifully clear waters of the San Marcos River. Wooden bridges, an amazing old mill and the limestone seating for the ceremony site that faced the river were all parts of this venue that made me agree with Roxanne's love for the place. The crisp air was a bit chilly, but the warmth of Ben & Roxanne's love and energy made that a fleeting thought in the back of my mind as I focused in on the two. Ben wore a dapper suit & Roxanne looked absolutely stunning in her red lacy dress. They really nailed their style for this photo shoot & of course the photographer in me made me smile from ear to ear!


I wanted to know more about their love story and I asked how they met. As they say, there are always two sides to every story and there is no difference with these two. They each shared their own details of how they met.

The night that started it all for Rox and I was a plethora of events leading to a long relationship, and a much awaited marriage. It was the end of another school year and spirits were high. Summer was about to kick off and the graduation for the class of 2009 had just released another crop of young adults from the binds of finals and school stress. My little brother Jon wanted to have a big party to celebrate, I helped him get things together like bon fire piles and other party set up. We knew it would be a big night, but I could never imagine how life changing that night would. As more and more people would show up, the bigger and louder the party got eventually it started to slow down. we had crossed paths a few times out there, I couldn’t not notice her, she was so pretty, and the smile that she gave me could have melted the ice caps. Much later once we were dating she actually told me she didn’t even want to go to the party and her friend talked her into it. I’m so thankful her mind was swayed that night.
— Ben's side of the story
Ben and I met at his brother Jon’s graduation party. Jon was in my grade but him and I were not close friends. One of my best friends, Christina, begged and begged me to go to the party with her but I just didn’t think it would be fun. I finally agreed to go with her as long as we didn’t have to stay long. They lived so far out in the middle of nowhere we got lost trying to get there and we almost gave up!! We ended up finding it and making our way down to the bonfire area. Jon hung out with a lot of people I didn’t really know that well so it was awkward at first. Christina and I found some older friends that had graduated before us and just hung out with them, luckily Ben was in that crowd. I didn’t know much about Ben but I quickly found out he loves to be the center of attention and is the life of the party! I always think meeting him was just fate because I am literally the complete opposite of that and usually am very shy but for some reason I just gravitated toward Ben. We hung out all night until the party died down and my friend and I left. I was so shy I didn’t even think to give him my number or anything! The next couple of days I just couldn’t stop thinking about him and how dumb I was to not give out my number so I reached out to a few mutual friends and got it and I texted him first!!! Now you can ask any of my friends and they would tell you I have never done something like that! It was so unlike me. We have been together now for 8 years!
— Roxanne's side of the story

Roxanne & Ben, I really enjoyed getting to know you both a bit more during our session and I love that you compliment each other so well. You make a great pair and I cannot wait for your wedding next September! Thank you for choosing me to capture this amazing chapter in your lives. Cheers!

With Love,