Botanical Beauties

At the San Antonio Botanical Gardens & The Pearl with Jennifer + Brian

Let me just start by saying this blog post will be a bit difficult for me to write without a few happy tears landing on my keyboard as I type. Six years ago, I was studying to get my degree in Photography from Texas State University. During my years in college, I met hundreds and hundreds of people, on campus, through classes, organizations and mutual friends. However, only a handful of friends have truly stuck by my side throughout the years following college. Often, my dedication to making my business come to life has also come with a certain degree of sacrifice. For me, that sacrifice came in the form of little to no social life being that I was working a full time job on top of running my photography business.

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Friendship is not about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and then proved it.
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There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better. When Jennifer and I met, we immediately hit it off (Yes, Brian, I met her first, remember that!). During those years of me giving up much of my social life to pull ‘all nighters’ editing a client’s gallery during the work week, Jennifer stayed in touch with me. Even when we lived in different cities and it would be easy to forget about each other. She stayed in touch & I really appreciated knowing we would pick up just where we left off every time we were able to meet up in person.

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We took a girl’s trip that summer down to the coast to celebrate 4th of July. I consider it such a blessing to have Jennifer as a true friend in my life and she’s seen my business grow throughout the years. She’s the kind of person you can just be honest with, & she will give it to you straight. She’s the friend everyone needs. She’s the kind of person you can sing at the top of your lungs with while driving along the coast with the windows down or have a late night belly laugh with because of how crazy life is. This gorgeous lady was a bridesmaid in my wedding just last year & gave a speech that brought me to tears in front of my closest friends and family. She’s the kind of person who would rent a UHAUL with me just to load it up with antique furniture for my wedding in San Antonio and drive up to Austin with me to help unload it!

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Seriously, I have officially hit the jackpot of friends with this woman. Years ago, when Jennifer first began telling me about this “amazing guy she met named Brian”, I was excited to meet him, but I also wondered if he had what it took to not only handle Jennifer’s bold & loving self, but I had questions. Did he deserve to call my dear friend his girlfriend? Would he treat her right? Was this the love that would make my friend light up for life?

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I eventually met Brian & got to know a bit about his background, began to see his character and started to really enjoy his personality. Let me tell you, I’m a pretty strict “boyfriend-acceptor” for my friends, because I truly know how valuable each of my friends are and that they deserve to be treated with respect, support, comfort & a deep love no one can explain other than it being a '“God thing” that brings the two together.

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Well, Brian, this is a bit overdue I assume, but I’ll go on and announce here publicly for the world to read - I wholeheartedly accept you as Jennifer’s other half. You may be reading this as a joke, but as I sit here typing about your amazing fiance and my friend Jennifer, I am holding back tears knowing that you have crossed paths for a reason & that your relationship is very much a blessing.

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Let me tell you Brian, from behind the scenes, from my eyes and from what I have experienced as her friend, I have heard Jennifer share her hopes, dreams and feelings regarding her life with you. The smiles that radiate from her face when she speaks your name is a sure sign of how happy she is when she is around you & I have no doubt with love and hard work, you will live a very happy life together.

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I am honored to know you both & it is my privilege and honor to be your wedding photographer during this chapter of your new life together as it unfolds.

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Jennifer & Brian,

Wow. Y’all are going to be married! If I was with you now Jennifer, I’d jump up and down in excitement for you and how you found your Mr. Right (Insert: Brian rolling eyes in corner while sipping on a beer). In all honestly though, to both of you, never forget that the relationship you have will go through highs and lows, but above it all- it is a BLESSING. I pray the stresses of this world will not break the bond you have together and that you are always able to see the good in the other, especially when it is difficult. Those times will strengthen your relationship the most. I hope these last few months leading up to the wedding are a source of peace and a great time to bond with each other & you are able to go on a few last dates as an amazing engaged couple before you tie the knot. I am beyond words excited for the big day & Zach & I cannot wait to be there to capture all the wonderful emotions from your wedding in December! To my dear friends, I love you & wish you the very best. Can’t wait!

With Love,


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Interesting Facts:

- Brian absolutely LOVES botanical gardens & even has had memberships to different gardens in the past. For the record, San Antonio Botanical Gardens is gorgeous!

-Jennifer & Brian will be getting married in late December at the Randolph Air Force Base Chapel & have their reception at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio.

-Brian is an Air force pilot & so is my father. In fact, my dad was a flight instructor at Randolph AFB in San Antonio for several years & Brian often flies in to the same base sometimes, so it’s second nature to me being on base near the airplanes. Crossing my fingers for access to the airplanes on the day of the wedding! (A girl can dream, okay!)

-This will be my first wedding to be a bridesmaid & also the photographer & I am considering creating a post to show how to do this successfully. Let me know if you’d be interested in knowing how I’m planning on doing both jobs well!

Texas Hillcountry

At Hillcountry with Jake + Abbie

Abbie & Jake - 1.jpg

Meet Abbie & Jake. This couple is so sweet, from the first time we talked, to the hour turned two hour long Starbucks meetup, I knew they were a great pair! As they told me their love story, I couldn't help but feel as though we were old friends or family and they were just so excited to fill me in on the details of what brought them together. Their love for one another is so obvious when you are around them and if I could describe their love in two words, from what I have seen so far, I would say JOYFUL & GENUINE. Abbie & Jake just have a genuine air about them that is full of joy, which is hard to describe unless you are blessed to get to know these two in person. They are both beginning their nursing careers and as they explained the details about their future plans, it made me automatically want to cheer them on in a best friend or family kind of way. They are hard working, caring, goal oriented and also, their relationship is Christ centered. These are my kind of people. They genuinely love each other and they love others as well. I'm telling you, the cream of the crop type of couple!

Abbie & Jake - 3.jpg
Abbie & Jake - 2.jpg

Q: Abbie, how did you meet Jake ?

Jake and I met at a college football game that took place only two weeks into my freshman year of college. So to say I didn't know school without Jake would be perfectly correct. Jake so lovingly encouraged one of my friends to invite me to a party he was hosting at his house. I was reluctant at first because I had just come home from a date (haha!) but I obliged and made my way to the party. (Side note: If you don't know me, I go to bed really early most days.. this will show its necessity in a few lines). At the party, he offered me coffee and we began to chat. We hit it off immediately and talked the entire night about everything under the sun as if no one else at the party was even there. At 5 am, we got donuts and we made plans to hang out again after a couple hours of sleep. Fast forward a couple of days, weeks, who knows (; and he kissed me to my favorite song playing in the credits of my favorite movie. Now, we are happily engaged, have a sweet pup, and are both starting our careers as nurses.

Abbie & Jake - 4.jpg

Q: Abbie, how did Jake Propose?

"Jake had told me a couple of days before that he wanted to have date night on Friday (which is pretty typical in our relationship) so I didn't really think much of it. Jake and I were both in nursing school at the time and he was going through the toughest semester of the program at the time. He had 2 clinical rotations, a couple of assignments and an exam or something along those lines going on the same week. Needless to say I was not expecting a ring! We had discussed engagement and marriage but I was convinced that he would probably decide to wait until winter break or after. He texted me that he had gotten out of his clinical early ( he actually explained his plan and asked his professors if he could leave early and have an extension on his assignments!) and that he was ready to go to dinner. ( side note: the restaurant that we had chosen to eat at is my favorite! Its very casual though.) He asked me what I was wearing to dinner and my response was athletic shorts. (Ha! Thank you to my roommate, cousin and MOH for convincing me to throw on a casual dress). He picked me up, looking quite handsome and we went to dinner. Throughout the meal, Jake was acting kind of weird but I just went along with it. After we get done eating, we get back in the car and he asks me to put on a blindfold! (I thought nothing of this at the time, looking back it should have been a clue (; ) and we went for a short drive to the place we frequently have dates and have gone to throughout the entirety of our relationship - a cliff overlooking the lake. We got out of the car and as he was leading me to the edge of the water and I heard camera clicks. That's when I knew! He removed my blindfold and asked me to marry him with the sweetest words. I bawled and shook my head yes. He put the ring on my finger and looks up at me and says "you have to actually say yes!" It seemed so perfect that it felt like a dream. Afterward we celebrated with all of our friends and it was a blast. best day ever."

Abbie & Jake - 5.jpg
Abbie & Jake - 8.jpg

When we first met up in person at Starbucks as we were sipping our drinks, Jake explained that he fell in love with Abbie even more when he first took her to his parent's house. He explained the drive was pretty long and a bit out of the way, but Abbie was up for the adventure & when they arrived, Jake explained the way Abbie interacted with his family and specifically with his little sister just felt like it was meant to be. They both didn't know at the time, but God had a way of bringing these two together in a way that only happens by design. It sure was meant to be and Abbie will soon be a part of the family, just where she belongs. It makes me so happy to follow these two lovebirds during their Engagement! They explained they really wanted to have an 'at-home' photo session at their soon-to-be new apartment in Temple, which is where they will be working & living & I'm on board for the adventure too. So, stay tuned for their next indoor session in the next few months.

Abbie & Jake - 6.jpg

Okay, I almost forgot to mention how amazing their sweet 4 year old pup, Josie was on our session! This dog was so full of energy and so extremely happy to be in the park. She got a bit too excited at one point and actually decided to take a swim. I think she immediately regretted that decision based on how scared she looked, but Jake came to the rescue and helped Josie climb out of the water. We all began laughing as Josie began shaking to get the water off of her while simultaneously spraying each of us with the river water. We had a great time on our session & I cannot wait for our next session together & especially for the big day!

Abbie & Jake - 7.jpg

Jake & Abbie, 

   I had such a great time together on our session & I am sincerely looking forward to being able to have y'alls at-home session soon! Don't forget to de-stress during all the crazy wedding planning. Make take time for each other during this special chapter of your lives together just before you tie the knot. I know planning a wedding can seem overwhelming at times, but don't forget to laugh at the small things and enjoy each moment you have together just like y'all did on our session together. Y'all are going to make an amazing legacy of love for years to come, so be patient with one another and remember what an amazing thing only you have between the two of you! I will try not to tear up during your ceremony, but I can't promise anything!



And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.
— Colossians 3:14
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
— Jeremiah 29:11

Texas Bluebonnet

At McKinney Falls Spring with Jamie + Leah

Leah & Jaime - 8.jpg

There is something so special about the Texas Hill Country when the wildflowers cover the ground for as far as the eye can see. Yellows, greens and blues cover the land and create the perfect romantic setting for an Engagement Session. Wildflowers fill the air with a sweet aroma and the bluebonnets that grow in large fields brings a smile to everyone's face. It is with great joy I introduce this sweet couple on the blog today - meet Leah & Jaime! These two were such a pleasure to work with and as we walked among the flowers, I loved hearing more about their particular love story. I'd love to share their story with all of you. 

Leah & Jaime - 4.jpg
Leah & Jaime - 6.jpg

Q: Where did y'all first meet?

We were introduced by a mutual friend, who thought two teachers would really hit it off, and she was right! She told me about this guy she knew who was a teacher, and thought I would really like him. At the same time she talked to him about me, and asked if she could give me his number if I wanted it. Not one who normally does that, but I ended up getting the courage to ask for his number. We texted back and forth for a week and found each other on Facebook before we had our first date. He was living in San Marcos at the time and in his second year of teaching, and I was living in Temple and in my first year of teaching. He came to pick me up, we were both wearing blue plaid shirts, and we went to all of our favorite places in Austin. That was the day I had Torchy's Tacos for the first time (his favorite place), and it's been our go-to spot ever since. Every year for our anniversary we recreate our first date by going back to all of the same places in Austin, wearing our matching blue plaid shirts. We continued to see each other on the weekends, alternating back and forth between Temple and San Marcos, until I moved to North Austin that summer for another teaching job. After about two years of dating and seeing each other mostly on the weekends, we finally got our first apartment together in South Austin. A little over a year later, we now own a home together in Kyle, and have a cat named Fionna. We're both still teaching, he teaches Pre-K in San Marcos while I commute to Georgetown where I run a tutoring center. Our wedding is set for June 2019 in downtown Austin.

Leah & Jaime - 5.jpg
Leah & Jaime -2.jpg
Leah & Jaime - 3.jpg

Q: Leah, tell me about the story of how Jaime proposed:

Jaime ran a half marathon this morning in San Marcos at the Tanger Outlets. Even though I was feeling poorly, he lured me there under false pretenses with the proposal of having brunch after receiving his award (he got second place in his age group). Instead, I received a proposal of a different kind (but also brunch). To be honest, I don't really remember what happened, I kinda blacked out. But of course, I managed to squeak out a yes. There were cheers, pictures taken, and recognition from the whole crowd, which made me feel really special. We also got some freebies from the MC who was hosting the event. Just one week shy of our 4 year anniversary, it was surreal and completely unexpected. I am still in shock. Apparently he planned this a few days ago. The ring needs to be resized, so sadly it's goodbye for now, but I'm sure I'll feel it all over again once I get it back. My heart is full. Te amo mucho, mi amore.

Leah & Jaime - 7.jpg

Leah & Jaime, 

  It was such a blessing being able to meet y'all and I had a great time walking through the gorgeous Texas wildflowers with you. I hope you can look back at our time together and remember what a fun time you had. I hope even more so that you cherish your photos for generations to come as they capture this beautiful time in your lives together as an engaged couple. Remember, when wedding planning becomes difficult, take a walk outside together to clear your head and just walk together in the sun and remember all the reasons you have decided on each other to go down this road of life with. Best wishes in your future endeavors together!

With Love,


Texas Hill Country

At McKinney Falls State Park with Clint + Chandler


So much happiness fills my heart by sharing this amazing Engagement Session on the blog today! Meet Chandler & Clint y'all....and of course their adorably fluffy furbaby, Bleau (who was awfully photogenic might I add!) This couple is so full of love and chemistry for one another, they made my job as a photographer so easy! Just look at how stunning Chandler is in her two dresses and how he looks at her! *Insert heart eye emoji**


We started our session at McKinney Falls State Park and I am so glad we did because the water was flowing and we practically had the place to ourselves, which I've never seen before. I was so happy because  the sun was shining, but it was the absolute PERFECT temperature. Also, just how amazing is a waterfall for the backdrop to showcase this sweet couple? I mean, c'mon! I had a great time getting to know the sweet couple more throughout our session and as they explained their story of how they met and how Clint proposed, it made me even more excited for their wedding next January!


In Chandler's words, how they met:

"Clinton and I both grew up in a small town just 15 minutes apart from each other without even knowing it. I’m from Bastrop, TX and he is from Smithville, TX. We met through friends of friends since we were both from a small town where everyone knew everyone and then the journey began." 


We ended our session on top of Mount Bonnell as the sun went down & it was an absolutely breathtaking view of Lake Austin & the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country. God sure did bless this great state of Texas with absolutely stunning views & I am so happy my clients chose to utilize that for their Engagement Session!


In Chandler's words, this is how Clint Proposed:

"Every year it was a tradition to travel to South Fork, Colorado where the Robertson’s have a family cabin. Going to such a beautiful state and town became a tradition to gather there for family vacation and relaxation. Each trip we would go to a beautiful cliff that would outlook over many mountains for many miles. This spot we have been coming to the past 3 years was where the proposal was planned.

As Clinton had bought the ring and planned this for months the day finally came that we traveled to Colorado for a family thanksgiving trip. This trip we had planned to go to this traditional beautiful cliff outlook 2 days before thanksgiving. My mom, dad, Clinton and I drove through the mountains to the cliff. When we got there we were looking for a great spot to stand to be able to take a photo. Clinton had been looking down at the ground at multiple ledges the cliff had and I had no idea what he was doing (this was him trying to find a spot that he wouldn’t fall off the edge when he got down on one knee because he’s scared of heights lol) we finally decided on a spot. As we were posing for a photo Clinton looked at me and said “ I want to spend forever with you” and after that I was in shock and aw that I could not remember what else he said because I knew what was about to happen. Clinton to this day, even though he planned something to say to me, doesn’t know what he said either because he was so nervous. That is when he got down on one knee and proposed.

That beautiful outlook that has become a tradition has now become a lifetime memory we will never forget."


We had such a great time together and how perfect is the sun shining through on these two? Natural light is something that really can't be duplicated & we were blessed with a fabulous day for our session. They completely rocked their session & I can't wait for the big day!


Chandler & Clint, 

 I am so honored to have you as my sweet clients & I really look forward to serving you on your wedding day to capture the memories for you that you can cherish for years to come. You are in such a special chapter of your lives as you begin your life together, so remember to take time for each other and also for relaxation while you plan for the big day. I can't wait to be there for you in January! 

Puppy Love

At Mattie's & South Lamar with Jake + Abbey


If I could accurately tell you how many days so far this year that Texas has had weather even remotely close to what it was like for this session, I can honestly say I may not need both hands to count. This day was P.E.R.F.E.C.T y'all! And I mean perfect. Let me just set the scene for you:

Clear skies up above. Sun rays shining down. Puppy kisses full of love. Champagne, winding down. Light breeze through the hair. Belly laughs everywhere.


This engagement session brought so much joy. Meet Jake & Abbey...oh yes, and how could I forget to introduce their adorably lovable furbaby, Lucy. We started our session at their beautiful condo off of South Lamar on the stairs leading up to their front door. Just look at this adorable family y'all, seriously!


When Abbey & I started to discuss location options they had in mind for their session, she mentioned possibly having part of their session at a restaurant called Mattie's. My eyes immediately lit up when she said the name because I have heard quite a buzz about this refined, but swanky South Austin restaurant. I had seen photos that others had posted taken at Mattie's - they posted them on their chic style blogs as the new "Austin Food Gem". I was very excited to be able to have our photo session at Mattie's & I will say without a doubt, it did not disappoint. This place is absolutely gorgeous! 


The story of how they met explained by Abbey:

"After high school, we both decided to attend The University of Texas at Austin and both chose to live in Dobie, a freshman dorm just off campus. I was on the 5th floor, and Jake was on the 12th floor. He had moved into to Dobie with his friend from high school, Taylor Brasher, as his roommate. Taylor is actually now our Best Man in our wedding! My friends and I met Taylor in Dobie cafeteria (a lot of kids would hang out there and socialize), and he invited us to come hang out and meet his friends one night after dinner. When we showed up, Jake was there, and that’s where we first met! We all spent the night hanging out playing games, and Jake and I immediately hit it off."


Q: Abbey, what’s the story of your proposal?

Jake and I actually decided to choose a ring together, so we spent months visiting with different jewelers learning about different cuts of diamonds and settings. We actually chose the loose diamond and the setting of my ring together, but I never got to see the completed ring until he proposed! At the time, I was still living in Dallas, and he had moved back to Austin for a great job opportunity. We would trade off visiting each other on the weekends, and this weekend was my turn to visit Austin. He told me he made plans for us to go to the lake for the weekend, and that he had chosen a house on Air BNB and booked it already. (This tipped me off a little because he never ever books anything on his own, usually I’d be the one doing all the research and planning!) When I arrived, it was close to sunset since I had to drive from Dallas after work. He (and Taylor) had set up a walkway of lights and candles to the deck on this lake house, with a beautiful view of the lake. He had a little table set up with photos of us, and just asked me to marry him right there! As soon as i said yes, people started cheering and all our friends ran out of the lake house (they had been hiding inside and watching through the window). We spent the weekend on the lake celebrating with our best friends. It was an amazing weekend!


Abbey & Jake, I had such a great time with y'all on your Engagement Session & I am really looking forward to your wedding day. I hope you two really enjoy this chapter leading up to the big day. Remember to keep laughing, don't stress the small stuff when it comes to the planning process and wake up every day knowing you are very blessed to have one another. I am honored to be your wedding photographer - let the countdown begin!

With Love,



Bright & Sunny

At Mckinney Falls & Seaholm District with Kevin + Taylor

Taylor & Kevin are two of the most amazing people I've ever met. They believe in true love wholeheartedly & it shows! When we first met, it was at Starbucks. We began to talk details and let me tell you - we talked about EVERYTHING! Kevin blushed while explaining the story of how he proposed & excitedly left no detail out. It was so incredible to be able to hear how they met & fell in love. I absolutely loved getting to know these two!


We were about an hour and a half in to our meeting and all of a sudden, something very peculiar happened. Just as I took a sip of my tea, time stopped for a moment & we were all completely on the same wave length. Let me explain...We talked about literally everything & somehow began talking about favorite numbers. Well, as I took a sip of my tea, they both mentioned to me that their favorite numbers are 10 & 13. I nearly spit out my drink when they told me that. Random enough it would even happen to come up in conversation, but the fact that my birthday is October 13th - (TEN.THIRTEEN people!),  I saw this as an immediate sign that we were going to get along very well. It was one of those moments where you just felt like you were exactly where I needed to be. Does that ever happen to you? I call this type of moment "a God thing" because it's almost like He did this to make us all laugh, smile & say "you're kidding, right?". The odds. Also, not only is their wedding in my birthday month, it is actually on Halloween night, which I am really looking forward to!


Can we all just take moment to look at how stunningly gorgeous Taylor's green eyes are. For the record, I have never seen eyes so green, they were made to be in front of the camera! They both rocked the session & I absolutely loved getting to know them even a bit more during our time together in the sun. Countdown to their Halloween wedding begins now! 


Q: Taylor, what’s your proposal story?

Kevin surprised me with a weekend away filled with shopping and delicious food. We drove out to San Antonio and spent the day at the river walk, eating, shopping, and visiting the local museums. That night we laid down for bed and I mentioned that something felt a little strange and asked if he needed to tell me something, he said no and tomorrow we would head home. The next day we did not head home, but toward Lost Maples park, which was absolutely beautiful! We hiked a few miles toward the top of the hill and stopped about half way to the top, going off the main trail to a cliff that overlooked the hills and trees. The view was a perfect resting point and Kevin apparently needed to scrummage through our backpack before we continued. As I enjoyed the view, he continued to dig in the backpack and ask me if I needed any water, which I declined, again. Eventually he comes out with the box. He was smiling so much, I couldn’t help but to return the same. The ring was gorgeous, but I needed to focus on what he was saying! J He told me over and over how much he loved me…sparkle sparkle….love…sparkle. I said yes!! As soon as he was able to get the ring on my puffy hiking finger, I jumped toward him, so excited he finally asked!! I had forgotten we were on the edge of a cliff, but was less than focused and rolled around kissing him while he tried to keep us from falling off. We eventually made it back to the car where he poured us a glass of champagne and we enjoyed some delicious snacks, as the sun set.


Museum Mayhem

At Blanton Museum & Seaholm District Engagement with Zach & Noelle


I am so excited to post this amazing Engagement Session with Zach & Noelle! The Blanton Museum is my favorite museum in Austin & is closed on Mondays each week. Well, these two rented it out for part of our session & when they brought the idea up in conversation, I was more than excited! I am in love with the light blue ombre wall that is in the main grand room at the foot of the stairs of the museum-it almost makes you feel like you're standing at the bottom of the ocean in the Caribbean! These two were so fun to hang out with on our session & I loved being able to hear about how their worlds first collided with the help of a little technology & an updated grasp of what dating really looks like in today's day and age.  


How did y'all meet and what was your first date like?

Zach - "Noelle and I first met on a dating app., which reflecting back on is still fairly unconventional at this point
in time - but we count ourselves really lucky to have met our significant other in this way.
Our first date ended up being one of our most favorite/funniest memories we share with our friends and
new faces when people ask "How did you two meet?".
After chatting for a little bit on the app. we decided to grab drinks - Noelle insisted that we had to grab
food if we were going to get drinks, and if we were going to grab food then it had to be tacos. We
decided on a local East-Austin mezcal bar for the first date.
We got to the restaurant and immediately hit it off - there was never a dull moment during the date. At
some point during the date we put in our orders: I got fish tacos and Noelle got al pastor. After more
conversation and a couple more drinks our food comes out, but I notice something a little off about the
food. The plates look identical - both fish tacos. The plates are set down and I look over at Noelle:
"Hey Noelle, I don't think that is tacos al pastor. You should tell the waiter and I'm sure he'll change it out
for you."
"Oh no, it's fine. I really don't mind."
"You sure? You should get what you ordered."
"Yah, it's fine."
So, I left it at that and we enjoyed our dinner. After I'd finished my plate I noticed across the table that
Noelle had hardly touched her tacos but I shrugged it off as her being nervous and that she didn';t want
to eat a ton of food in front of a stranger. We wrapped up the date with plans made for a second and
said good night.
Flashforward about a month and a few more dates. We were driving in my car to dinner and we're
chatting about what our favorite foods are. I somehow get on the subject of salmon burgers and how
much I love them as a quick dinner when Noelle stops me:
"Hey Zach…"
"What's up?"
"I have a confession to tell you…"
"What is it?"
"I don't like fish."
"Wait what?! You ate fish on our first -"
"Yah, I don't like fish at all. In fact thinking about eating fish makes me sick."
"No way - this whole time?! You could have had those al pastor tacos!"
We laugh every time we remember that conversation, or any time we drive past that restaurant. I think
that was something that really stood out to me about Noelle - how easy it was for us to make each other
laugh. It's still like that today."


Noelle - "Zach and I met on Tinder. I had never been on that or any other dating app before, but my cousin and I were bored one night and decided to see what all the fuss was about.  I didn't think anything would come of it but look where we are now.  Zach swiped up on my profile (which I later found it is called a "superswipe"), so I guess he meant serious business.  After not replying to his (or anyone's) messages, he sent over a gif of a guy at a computer waiting for a response.  Over time as the man is waiting for a reply, he turns into a skeleton.  Which of course prompted conversation!

Our first date was in East Austin at a taco bar (I insisted on tacos, Zach insisted on drinks).  We talked for a quite a while and didn't even notice how much time had passed before we decided to call it a night. A funny story that we like to tell people is how the kitchen got my order wrong and gave me fish tacos.  I hate fish.  But didn't want to seem picky so I "acted cool" and ate a little bit.  But it's terrible because Zach loves fish and he was raving about salmon like two months later.  That's when I knew I had to 'fess up. 


Can you describe the Proposal story?

Zach - "

I began engagement ring shopping secretly around August 2017 while Noelle was on vacation with her
family in Italy. Started off at Tiffany's (yikes), talked to some local Austin jewelers, but ended up going
with an online ring retailer to find the perfect ring.
Simultaneously, I got Noelle's cousins involved with ring selection and brainstorming creative ways that I
could ask Noelle to marry me. Poetry or write a song, no not my style. Big gesture, not really my thing
either. Family gathering - bingo. I knew that I wanted to find a way to honor my parents in the
engagement as well, so I decided to "ask the question" to Noelle on the same day that my parents got
engaged - Christmas Eve.
Now I just had to get the parents on board to convince her side of the family to be in Austin for the
proposal … while all keeping it a secret. No pressure. I took her parents out to dinner in October while
Noelle conveniently had classes so not to raise any suspicion. The parents and I had a great dinner - I
remember I was so nervous about asking, so I got it out of the way right when we first sat down - "Look
if I don't say this at the beginning I';m just going to be a nervous wreck and I'm not going to be able to
enjoy my dinner - I want to marry your daughter!"
They gave me their blessing and we enjoyed the rest of the night over some cocktails and good food.
The ring came in around mid-October and that thing burned a hole in my pocket for almost two and a
half months. There were so many times where I was tempted to not wait until Christmas Eve and just
propose because I was so excited to share it with Noelle. But I waited and I planned.
My plan was to present the ring in a sort of Russian nesting doll format, but with boxes. Each box would
sit inside the next with a different present in each. I got Noelle a massage gift certificate, lotion form
L'Occitane, and the last box had the engagement ring box in it.
Christmas Eve quickly rolled around the corner and the big night was upon us. The whole proposal was
about to go down in front of her entire Peruvian side of the family. It's tradition in Latin American
cultures that you open presents on Christmas Eve close to midnight, so I'd ask the cousins earlier that
day to help wrangle people into the living room and to take pictures after dinner.
Everyone settled in to the living room and all the "kids" began passing present around to everyone. My
heart was beating faster and faster as less and less presents sat under the Christmas Tree. When it got
towards the end I took my presents to Noelle and waited patiently with the ring in my pocket.

She was already knew that I'd purchased the lotion for, but I got the massage certificate to throw her off
my tracks - and to my delight she didn't seem to suspect what was in the last box. When she finally
opened the last box and got to the engagement ring she said "What's this?" That's when I dropped to
one knee and popped the question "Noelle, will you marry me?"
"Wait, really? … Yes, of course!"
It's been a whirlwind of planning ever since!


These two truly love each other & they shared how much they enjoy reading together, which I thought was amazing. Those who read together, stay together- is that a saying? It should be. I've always been taught to never stop learning & I think that two people who enjoy reading and keeping their minds sharp can only mutually benefit their lifelong commitment towards one another. There is something to be said about this mutual trait they both posses and it is very motivating for me as well to pick up my book currently on my bedside table and cozy up with tea to be brought in to a different world for a moment. 


I asked the two to send me a few notes with a recap of their story and I was so impressed by what they included. How amazing is it that Zach included specific reasons why he loves Noelle:

"There are about a thousand different reasons that I love Noelle, but here are just a few that I wanted to
share with you, the reader:
 She finds a way to make me laugh. Every. Single. Day.
 We can be goofy as hell when no one is around
 She's always down for a board game

 We love our national parks and have plans to visit as many as we can before we're too old
 She embraces my inner nerd. She even joins in every now and then
 When we disagree, there is always forgiveness and commitment to make each other better
 She's brought me closer to God and supported me to be a better man
 Her family has made me feel so welcome
 Her generosity and empathy towards others (especially those less fortunate) is contagious
 She finds new ways to show me her love
It's for all these reasons and so many more that I decided I wanted Noelle to be my wife."

Also, refering to after their first date, Noelle said this:

"We've been inseparable ever since, and have loved every minute of it.  From going to Book People in downtown Austin, walking around the hike and bike trail, rock climbing, and everything in between, we have become best friends.  Zach proposed on Christmas Eve in front of my entire (we're talking 30 people) family, just like Zach's father did many years ago."


Zach & Noelle really seem to be such a great match, especially because they enjoy so many of the same things. They explained how excited they were for the Astros winning the World Series and sported their Houston pride. Also, Noelle found her favorite words in her book that said "'Though mayest, Thou mayest!'". I love that Zach honors Noelle for bringing him closer to the Lord. That is one bond we all share & it was very encouraging to read that. It was such a joy to spend time with these two and I cannot wait for their wedding in January! Cheers, to Zach & Noelle- May your love be strong and may your faith be great.

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
— 1 Corinthians 13:13

360 Degrees

At 360 Bridge Lookout & Mayfield Park in Austin, Texas with Tyler + Vanessa

Vanessa & Tyler were so much fun to work with during our session! They decided on their first location for our session at the 360 bridge overlook, which I am very ashamed to admit, that I've never been to. I have been to the Mount Bonnell lookout spot, but there is something so special about being able to look over Austin's most famous bridge. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed spending time getting to know my sweet clients even more.


The sun was absolutely stunning and this exact location where we were taking photos is where Tyler popped the question to ask Vanessa to be his wife. How amazing is that?


How cute are her outfits for this shoot? I absolutely love her dresses-check out the back of the light pink dress! Stunning! 


I had been seeing these pink flowered trees, also known as a cherry blossom tree, pop up at very random locations throughout Austin & I have been eagerly waiting for one to make an appearance for a photo shoot. I felt like I had hit the jackpot once we arrived at Mayfield Park because I walked in the gate and there stood one magnificent tree- fresh with pink flowers & ready to show off as a beautiful backdrop for our session. I am so glad we did, because I love having flowers grace the edges, corners and backgrounds of the images I capture. 


Vanessa & Tyler,

I can't wait for your wedding at Vista West Ranch in November! I truly had an amazing time with you both & I hope you take this time while you're engaged to cultivate and grow your thriving love for one another. Also, I wish you nothing but smooth wedding planning. In the meantime, take it easy, find time to be together and relax before your big day arrives. 

With Love,


Chic Seaholm

At Seaholm District & McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, Texas with Stan + Gabrielle


The sun was shining bright and the temperature outside was absolutely perfect! As soon as I met Gabby & Stan, I immediately connected with them. They were so excited and full of joy that day & I was thrilled they were open to my suggestion of trying out a new place to begin their session. Over the past few months, I drove past the Seaholm Power Plant several times, noticing the manicured greenery & the gorgeous row of agave plants that lined the street. I have been wanting to take my clients there for a while now & I am so grateful Gabby & Stan were up for the adventure. As I walked around the area, several places I noticed were just asking to be photographed-the black & white wavy wall with greenery clinging to it, growing towards the sun and the white walls with frosted blocks for windows with pipes coming out of the side of the building. The building had been freshly painted white and the industrial stairs, thick rivets & bolts all created a space that was honestly a photographer's dream! Gabby & Stan were just as thrilled with the area & we were all singing Seaholm's praises as the session continued. After experiencing this great new location first hand, I looked in to the history of the space a bit more & what I found was quite interesting. 


The stunning 1948 building was commissioned to be Austin's new power source & at the time & was able to produce over 100 megawatts of electricity. This building has since been renovated in to a 130,000 square foot commercial space & the National Register of Historic Places has recorded this structure as a Texas Historic Landmark. As time went on, other power sources were created in the City of Austin & Seaholm's systems were not needed by 1989. After sitting untouched for many years, the City of Austin looked to destroy the building by 1997, but with the help of Seaholm Power, LLC & partner, John Rosato, they created a team & a plan to restore the 7.8 acre site to what it is today. The team was careful to celebrate the original architecture by preserving the turbine hall and several boilers. Now, the Seaholm District is a mixed space, some open to the public and some areas are rented out. Also, this district is home to many Austin residents in the new high-rise residential tower & also several restaurants, stores and even Trader Joe's. This project and the history behind the Seaholm Power Plant & new 7.8 acre area makes me happy knowing what was once so vital to the City of Austin's infrastructure has been recognized, respected & restored to give back to the community in a fresh new way.   


After getting to know these two a bit more, I learned they met while both working for the same accounting firm. Gabby explained how another friend of hers who also worked with her asked Gabby who she thought was cute at the office. When she said "I think Stan is cute", it was the first time she began seeing him in a different light around the workplace. Stan explained, they enjoyed working together and they began to develop a deep friendship and he admitted he too thought Gabby was attractive. The two work at different companies now, but they explained the beginning of their love began all because of accounting and an insightful friend to simply ask Gabby a question....so happy she asked! I'm convinced the electricity these two brought to their session could've powered the Seaholm Power plant one last time! 


The glow of the sun shined perfectly on this sweet couple as we finished up our time at Seaholm & we headed to our final destination at McKinney Falls to end our session. Can I also mention how amazing these two were at their stunning outfit selection - extra points for the gorgeous dress and fun tassel earrings!


The love these two have for one another is so clear to me by the way they talked with each other, treating one another in such a calm manner and with distinct & purposeful respect. They were all smiles throughout our session & it was such a pleasure to photograph these two & capture this special chapter in their lives.


Gabby & Stan, 

 I am so excited to be your photographer! I cannot wait to be there for your big day in June. I can only imagine the genuine smiles you'll both bring to your wedding day professing your love for one another in front of all your friends and family. God is good. Can't wait! 

With Love,


Texas Two Step

At the University of Texas & McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, Texas with Chris + Rebekah

Okay y'all! The University of Texas campus is simply stunning! The day of our Engagement session, it was a bit on the chilly side, but my goodness, the sun was shining bright & highlighted the campus in the most beautiful way possible - the grass cut to perfection and the architecture had me in awe, looking up and gawking in a mesmerizing stare. Insert Rebekah & her fiance, Chris and let me tell you-magic! These two just portray goodness all around with the warmth of their smiles and their fun personalities. As I got to know them a bit more throughout our session, I could just tell-they are perfect for each other! They've been together for a little over seven years y'all, so you already know their wedding will be the celebration of the century with their closest friends and family in April! 


I asked them how they met and their answers weren't too far off from one another. This is a story of love at first sight-they make me believe it's a real thing!

Rebekah: "Chris and I met at a college frat party on September 3rd 2010. I was a junior to his freshman and I always said Id NEVER date a frat guy but he was different. He actually walked my best friend and I out of this party holding my hand the entire time and nervously asking for my number at the very end. We went on one official date where he thought he was doing good by ordering my favorite dessert, carrot cake, but it had nuts in it which I didn't care for so he took a fork and picked out all the nuts for me!!! On September 16th 2010 he asked me to be his girlfriend outside the nursing school building and its been a beautiful yet sometimes messy road ever since!"

Chris: "We were both attending UT Austin and we met at a frat party. I was hanging out with friends and suddenly saw her walk into the party. I mustered up the courage to talk to her and am very thankful that I got to meet her that day! This might sound like a cliché, but I knew that I liked her from the moment I first saw her."


I asked them each what they like most about the other person:

Rebekah: "Chris' patience and genuine kindness is by far what makes me fall in love with him over and over again. He is never in a rush or anxious (which can sometimes be frustrating) but to me, the one who is always rushing, he calms me. His kindness to everyone, not just those he knows is so refreshing. It's almost like going back to when we were kids and no one was a stranger and no one had ulterior motives. We just smiled and played and everyone was a friend- that is Chris! He is actually younger than me, but he helps make 'adulting' not as scary as the world makes it."  

Chris: "he best thing that I like about Rebekah is that she is very compassionate towards others. She is always willing to lend out a helping hand and is very thoughtful. She makes me a better person and is a beautiful woman inside and out."

I could tell what they liked about each other, because we all gravitate towards certain qualities that outwardly portray genuine goodness and I absolutely enjoyed Rebekah's joyful poise & I greatly appreciated Chris' patient disposition throughout our session. If the sun would've allowed, I would've just continued walking with them and taking photos without looking at the time, because I had a great time. time flies when you're having fun & our time went fast-these two are simply a breath of fresh air to be around! If you are blessed to know these two personally, I'm sure you're reading this with an understanding smile because you get the same feeling being around these two as I did.  


This time being engaged is extraordinary, and I'm positive their wedding day will be absolutely perfect. I had to ask if after they were married, they were planning on starting a family right away or taking it easy for a while as two lovebirds for a few years. These two had me laughing almost to tears when Rebekah quickly informed me that Chris wants several children, which Chris chimed in saying he would be happy with four children!  Rebekah seems to be on board for having multiple children and start a beautiful family, but she says she would be happy with two children & they'll have to take one day at a time. 

I asked where they see themselves in 5 years:

Rebekah: "Chris and I have done things a little backwards as we already have a house. I believe, in five years, we will be right here in Pearland, me still working at the job I love, (maybe part time) and Chris at a job he loves. We would have two beautiful children that we would raise the right way, by taking them to all the UT Longhorn and San Antonio Spurs games!! But in seriousness and in all the chaos that life may bring, I believe we will genuinely be able to say we are truly happy and still as much in love that day as we are today!"

Chris: "In five years, I see ourselves having kids and enjoying our time together as a married couple. I also see our family strengthening our relationship with God and influencing others in a positive way."

I love both of their responses, but I especially admire Chris' will to lead his new family with the guidance of the Lord and also wanting to influence other people in their daily life. This, right here, ladies & gentlemen, is truly what love is all about. 


Rebekah & Chris, 

 I am truly overjoyed for you two being brought together & are going to be married in just a few short months. I truly hope that you love your engagement photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Coming from a bride who been there and know how fast it goes by, cherish the next few months together as an engaged couple and do everything you can to slow down and enjoy being each others' fiances. You’ll only get to be fiancees for a short while longer, and then it’s husband and wife. You’ll be able to enjoy marriage for a lifetime. I'm honored to be the one to capture this special time for you - I have so many favorites from our time together during your Engagement Session & I am looking forward to creating new favorites at your wedding in April!

Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.
— Psalm 62:2