Downtown Glamor

At the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas with AJ + Kathryn

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I was so excited to photograph Kathryn & AJ's wedding! They booked with me over a year before their wedding because they wanted every little detail to perfect- and everything was beyond perfect! I met up with Kathryn, Kathryn's mother and also AJ's mother at Starbucks to get to know each other a bit more and just to talk details. I learned all about how Kathryn and AJ met & how AJ had proposed to Kathryn in front of all their family last year & how romantic is was.

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Also, I became overly excited because they met in college at Texas State University---MY Alma mater! In fact, Texas State was not only the campus I climbed hundreds of thousands of stairs while earning my Photography Degree from, but also the campus where I met my now husband, Zach. So, in a way, their love story really resonated with me and my experience as well & for that, I felt very connected to the pair and we had a mutual understanding of similar college experiences. In fact, we photographed their Engagement Session in San Marcos, home of Texas State University. We began at the Square, where so many nights were spent with friends enjoying life. Then, we moved on to the campus, where so many (& I mean SOOOOO many) stairs were climbed while going to classes - it was really nice being able to go back with Kathryn & AJ to re-visit the place where new chapters began & great memories were made in my own life & to hear about how they met & the places on campus that were special to their love story. 



Kathryn's sweet mother was there to help calm her nerves and to make sure getting the bridesmaids were ready. Both Kathryn & AJ's mom were so much fun to be around & made me feel like part of the family. Also, how perfect is Kathryn's braided up-do by Blushed Beauty


Kathryn wanted to have a moment with her father for a 'First Look' before the day began to speed up. When he saw her, a smile spread from ear to ear across his face and they held hands in love and as they silently acknowledged how important this moment was, Kathryn began to tear up. Her dad hugged her close, reminded her how lucky AJ was to marry her & how perfect she was as a bride. Kathryn let out a trusting sigh of relief and wiped the happy tears away.  Next, the couple had their own 'First Look' out on the patio & AJ was stunned with how breathtaking Kathryn was in her gown. He knew, just then, it was the moment he had waited his whole life for & he was ready. 


Rewind to the time they first met in AJ's own words:

We first met at the Villagio Apartment’s pool in San Marcos, Texas. My fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi was participating in an event being hosted by Kathryn’s sorority, Delta Gamma. For this particular event, fraternities would volunteer members to participate in a number of activities including a synchronized swim routine. I was there to support some of my fraternity brothers who were participating and of course hang out with the wonderful ladies of Delta Gamma. Almost immediately, Kathryn caught my eye mainly because she had a six pack of Shiner in her hand rather than a wine glass. As I did a double take to make sure I saw that beautiful blonde holding my favorite beer, my good friend Bobby Buchanan asks, “You want to meet her?” & boy, did I ever! Sure enough, Brother Bobby worked his wonderful charm and introduced me to Kathryn. After talking for a bit we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. At that moment, I knew Kathryn was the love of my life. I even told one of my other fraternity brothers, Tyler Deck, that I was going to make Kat a pb&j (no, really) and that I was convinced that she would marry me because it was such a phenomenal sandwich. I learned shortly after that Kathryn despises jelly (who doesn’t like jelly?!) but she let me try to entertain her as best I could in my little 1 bedroom 650 sq. ft. apartment. We had a great time that evening talking about music and movies and after that night we progressively spent more and more time together. We went to date parties, tailgates, football games, the movies, dinner, and the Square (Texas State’s bar district). That fall semester was one of the best times of our life. To top it all off we brought in the 2014 New Year at The Driskill Hotel in Austin.
— AJ

So, naturally, it makes sense that Kathryn & AJ decided on the Driskill as their wedding venue. For many reasons, I have always wanted to photograph a wedding at this gorgeous hotel. Not only was in smack dab in the middle of downtown Austin (as if that isn't reason enough), it is one of the most architecturally attractive buildings in the area & is only two blocks from Congress. The Driskill is one of the most iconic Austin landmarks & has a remarkable double grand staircase leading up to the breathtaking second floor above the lobby. This mezzanine level in the Driskill is where the tables and chairs were perfectly placed & decorated for the wedding guests to enjoy. How amazing is the groom's cake? It's a baseball with the New York Yankees logo- love it!


The mood was perfectly set while everyone was seated & the string trio began to play softly as the bridal party walked in slowly towards the altar. The ring bearer walked confidently down the isle and gave AJ a high five just before running to the side. Emotions ran high as the doors were closed just before Kathryn lined up behind them.


All guests were asked to stand as the doors were opened and the emotions started to fill the room as her father and step father both respectfully and lovingly walked their daughter down the isle. Everything had been leading up to this moment & it was absolutely perfect. Her father handed her to AJ to take as his new bride & as the ceremony unfolded, the two said their vows of love and commitment to one another. They sealed the deal with a kiss and as they turned to face their most loved and cherished friends and family, they were met with cheering, clapping and a few shouts of cheer to support their union. Everyone was so thrilled for the two & the group was ready to celebrate! 


The celebration was so much fun & I was so impressed when I found out not only was Kathryn's father a Texas State Alumni (Southwest Texas State when he attended), but Kathryn's grandfather was also an alumni as well back when it was called Southwest Texas State Teachers College! We all took a photo together to celebrate our university & to show our Bobcat Pride (Eat em' up!) The dance floor was packed the entire night and the live band was such a hit with everyone. 


Dear Kathryn & AJ, 

  I am so happy to have had y'all as my amazing clients & I am so grateful that we met! It was such a great time getting to know your love story and I especially appreciated that it all started because you met at Texas State. I had such an amazing time with your friends and family-everyone made me feel so welcomed and a part of the celebration. I am truly happy for you two. My wish is that when you look through your photos from your wedding day, you'll always be reminded of how amazing of a day it was. I hope that when you get in your first fight (& it will happen), I hope you can both take a look through these photos together and remember how much you love each other and how much fun you have with each other. My prayer for you both is that as every day that passes, you truly remember the feelings that were so apparent for each other on your wedding day and make an effort to show the other person that they are your number one priority over anyone else. I am so blessed to have you both in my life & I cannot wait to see where life takes you together. God bless you both & don't be strangers!

With Love,



A special thanks to all the amazing vendors who made this wedding possible:

Photography: Lyndsay Lyon Photography

Venue: The Driskill Hotel

Florals: HEB Blooms

Coordination: Life Styled Events 

Catering: The Driskill Hotel 

Band & Ceremony String Trio: Royal Dukes Band 

Makeup & Hair: Blushed Beauty 

Cakes: 1886 Cafe & Bakery (Part of the Driskill Hotel)

Wedding Dress: BHLDN (Monica Gown)

Bride's Heels : Steve Madden

Bridesmaids Dresses: Vow To Be Chic (Theia Collection - Kaylee Gown) 

Groom & Groomsmen Suits : Joseph & Feiss (Rented from Men's Warehouse)