Texas Bluebonnet

At McKinney Falls Spring with Jamie + Leah

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There is something so special about the Texas Hill Country when the wildflowers cover the ground for as far as the eye can see. Yellows, greens and blues cover the land and create the perfect romantic setting for an Engagement Session. Wildflowers fill the air with a sweet aroma and the bluebonnets that grow in large fields brings a smile to everyone's face. It is with great joy I introduce this sweet couple on the blog today - meet Leah & Jaime! These two were such a pleasure to work with and as we walked among the flowers, I loved hearing more about their particular love story. I'd love to share their story with all of you. 

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Q: Where did y'all first meet?

We were introduced by a mutual friend, who thought two teachers would really hit it off, and she was right! She told me about this guy she knew who was a teacher, and thought I would really like him. At the same time she talked to him about me, and asked if she could give me his number if I wanted it. Not one who normally does that, but I ended up getting the courage to ask for his number. We texted back and forth for a week and found each other on Facebook before we had our first date. He was living in San Marcos at the time and in his second year of teaching, and I was living in Temple and in my first year of teaching. He came to pick me up, we were both wearing blue plaid shirts, and we went to all of our favorite places in Austin. That was the day I had Torchy's Tacos for the first time (his favorite place), and it's been our go-to spot ever since. Every year for our anniversary we recreate our first date by going back to all of the same places in Austin, wearing our matching blue plaid shirts. We continued to see each other on the weekends, alternating back and forth between Temple and San Marcos, until I moved to North Austin that summer for another teaching job. After about two years of dating and seeing each other mostly on the weekends, we finally got our first apartment together in South Austin. A little over a year later, we now own a home together in Kyle, and have a cat named Fionna. We're both still teaching, he teaches Pre-K in San Marcos while I commute to Georgetown where I run a tutoring center. Our wedding is set for June 2019 in downtown Austin.

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Q: Leah, tell me about the story of how Jaime proposed:

Jaime ran a half marathon this morning in San Marcos at the Tanger Outlets. Even though I was feeling poorly, he lured me there under false pretenses with the proposal of having brunch after receiving his award (he got second place in his age group). Instead, I received a proposal of a different kind (but also brunch). To be honest, I don't really remember what happened, I kinda blacked out. But of course, I managed to squeak out a yes. There were cheers, pictures taken, and recognition from the whole crowd, which made me feel really special. We also got some freebies from the MC who was hosting the event. Just one week shy of our 4 year anniversary, it was surreal and completely unexpected. I am still in shock. Apparently he planned this a few days ago. The ring needs to be resized, so sadly it's goodbye for now, but I'm sure I'll feel it all over again once I get it back. My heart is full. Te amo mucho, mi amore.

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Leah & Jaime, 

  It was such a blessing being able to meet y'all and I had a great time walking through the gorgeous Texas wildflowers with you. I hope you can look back at our time together and remember what a fun time you had. I hope even more so that you cherish your photos for generations to come as they capture this beautiful time in your lives together as an engaged couple. Remember, when wedding planning becomes difficult, take a walk outside together to clear your head and just walk together in the sun and remember all the reasons you have decided on each other to go down this road of life with. Best wishes in your future endeavors together!

With Love,